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April 2009
Tzabar:  Paul


Print advertisement created by Grey, Israel for Tzabar, within the category: Transport.


Watch your favorite artists live today. Flight + Concert packages.

Advertising Agency: Grey Tel-Aviv, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Yonatan Stirin
Creative Directors: Shani Gershi, Ronen Gur-Fonarov
Art Directors / Copywriters: Asaf Levi, Eran Nir
Illustrator: Yoni Lax
Account Manager: Dani Brande
Account Suervisor: Sarit Sternhell
Account Executive: Mayan David
Agency Producer: Darya Danzig
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Done for festivals.

Stevil's picture

I like the style and design of the illustrations and the ad. However, this is a little tasteless to Sir Paul and Beatles fans! I guess it gets the message across.

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Graphic Designer at Bluffton, IN
dsklan's picture

its like visualizing the great cannes radio winner:
but the radio commercial is just a little better;)

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Art Director at homeshop
Guest's picture

very nice concept, dont really like the art.

AmigoInvisible's picture

The "tasteless" factor is immensely reduced by the playful execution, and
as much as using illustration was almost an obvious choice, the three executions
are excellent (this one particularly being my favorite).

The concept may not be world-class, but it is definitely a great concept. Art
direction and concept meld to create an ultimately great ad, in my opinion.

Good job!

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Oh, come on. McCartney's not that old yet. Doesn't even look like him. And it's too morbid.

The concept -- see these musicians while they are still playing, with the help of our travel agency -- relies on people wanting to see the musicians. Displaying them as decrepit and close to death, or halfway to the nuthouse (Britney), or strung out at the tip of the needle (Amy), well... it doesn't make me want to see that musician. It makes me think the show will be a letdown. If Paul's ambling about on a walker looking practically mummified, what's his singing voice going to sound like? I'm not paying money for that. If Amy Winehouse is cracked out, will there even be a concert? She's notorious for canceling tour dates because of her drug use. So, why exactly am I going to Tzabar?

Maybe a better approach would be something like, Hendrix at Woodstock / Hendrix in the 70's. See them while you can. Cobain on MTV Unplugged / Cobain a year later. See them while you can. Still really morbid, but at least it isn't forecasting a grim future for those who still live. Yeah, I think that's what the problem is. The message of "carpe diem, do it now while you still can" should be up front, and not get turned around into "Your favourite musicians are dying" quite so fast. The fatalistic undertones can still be there, because that's why it's important to see them while it's possible, but to go to the concert I have to be expecting a really great show.

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Kind of sucks. Nothing really motivating me.

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Art Director
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Done for festivals.

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ERM everyone why are you missing a very strange oddity!!!! Where's Ringo?

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I was just about to write that…
Is he in that strange hole???

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I like the idea in general, but I think the Ringo grave is only there for Paul to fall and the ad to be more funny, but that is a bit forced, knowing Ringo is still alive.

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Draftfcb México
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Nice site!! keep it up!!

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Ivan, why don't you delete all political posts? Why do you keep the ones you like?
Are you a bigot?

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I'm continuously deleting them.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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best of the bunch

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