July 2006



Advertising Agency: LG&F, Belgium
Account Team: Inge Van Der Haegen, Eva D’Hondt, Mien Smet
Creative Directors: Christophe Ghewy, Paul Wauters
Creation: Iwein Vandevyver, Tom Jacobs, Tim Driesen, Joeri Van Den Broeck
TV Producer: Myriam Maes
Production Company: Key Line Film
Director: Xavier Mairesse
Producer: Christine Mathieu
Photographer: Andrea Klarin
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MADE in the USA's picture

I'm guessing this is an ad for a satellite radio station.

MADE in the USA
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Mabakima's picture

I'm confused as well. Ivan, is this a radio station that uses a grooming product as a metaphor or is this a grooming product inspired by music or by a radio station?

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ivan's picture

I don't know, but I love the idea of a spray that can make you dance like a black girl. :)

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myviolentego's picture

i love it, it's sexy and brilliant.

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Mo's picture

I like the campaign. It's funny.
But may be there's a very little prob..... Budlight did the FAKE ( steaming coffee, cards..the Budlight Institute... ) thing so well, it'll be hard to top that. And because of that Bud campaign, this doesn't look that FRESH and EXCITING to me. I like it, but not excited. :-)


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itsme's picture

it's a instant tanning lotion (??)

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but hey..what do i know?

.nl's picture

Strange thought. Must be a very expensive campaign with so many people working on it.

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Mickey999's picture

Diesel,Budlight... did that 100 times. Magic Spray, it always works.

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