Banknote of the Stolen Billion

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November 2019
TV8: Banknote of the Stolen Billion
TV8 Print Ad - Banknote of the Stolen Billion


2014, Republic of Moldova. Three banks. Several public faces involved, including the Government. One billion $ - vanished into thin air. What has been stolen and transferred to offshore accounts has to be returned by every citizen of Moldova by 2041. The fraud is equivalent to 12% of Moldova's GDP. As time passed and information was hidden from the public eye, the scandal entered both international media and pop culture. Up until this day, we are all still asking #undeimiliardul? (where's the billion?) Thus, on the 5th anniversary of the theft, we launched the first ever billion dollar banknote. The project was commissioned by an independent TV channel TV8 and the investigative journalist Mariana Rață, in order to promote the TV show Cutia Neagră.​​​​​​​ On the banknote, we illustrated the operation of the theft, the political faces that got involved, some elements and critically important dates, maintaining the original design of the American dollar. In total, there are around 35 hidden symbols on the illustration. The idea was to leave the viewer to decide for himself what each one of the element meant.

Print advertisement created by Piko, Moldova for TV8, within the categories: Media, Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Piko, Chisinau, Moldova
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