Delivery, 3

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December 2008
Trends Toy Store:  Delivery, 3


Print advertisement created by Bronx, Brazil for Trends Toy Store, within the category: Retail Services.

Advertising Agency: Bronx, Curitiba, Brazil
Creative Directors: Alexandre Silveira
Art Director: Keith Lauer
Copywriter: Fábio Duarte
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wtf is this?
what does it mean?

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There's a phone on the top of the cabinet so kids can't reach it and dial the company asking for toys delivery. Not that hard.

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Yea because it's blatantly obvious that Trends sells kids' toys. Not.

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Unless in their market, Trends is a big enough brand that they don't need to explain it.

You know, not every brand that isn't famous in another country is a "small brand."
Hell, the one of the top spending advertisers and brands in Singapore is for an appliance store I NEVER HEARD OF.

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I am From Curitiba, Brazil anda never heard of the store.
It looks like a ghost ad.

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the phone is outta the way...naughty kids

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stout. brooding. in a word: perfect.

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begs for a line. the idea is salvageable.

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McCann Erickson
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At first i didn't understand it. When someone told the meaning I find it very complicated. After a while i also think it's horrible.

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For the Americans...what if this ad said Toys R Us now delivers? I agree that it takes a while to get it, but once you do and see multiple ads, it gets kinda funny. I especially like this one because intentional or not, the parents hid the telephone but the knives are still easily within reach.

Maybe they could've moved the phone around a home...shown different hiding spots. A simple line might help, too. But overall, this campaign is growing on me.

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