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nice A/D...concept?

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It's an interesting position to take. I've never thought of steel as trees and sky. I don't know if I agree with it, but the art is really well done.

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very artsy. looks great to me. anyway, what meaningful could an ironmill tell about themselves. this works fine if they want to have any ads.
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Maybe, it's an environment statement because the majority of steel used today is recycled. Great AD.

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i'll give you a few points for creating something that looks different (i'm not sure i like the art direction, but it's interesting at least). but i don't really get the concept. what are these ads trying to say?

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Sometime the whole goal of the work can just be to make someone/business/cause interesting and approachable. This does that. Radness. Keep going.

So, I really don't think the work is that deep with meaning - and doesn't have to be. I think this is basiclly a statement that this organization believes in the potential of steel, that steel is still a very relevant industrial material and that there is (some kind of) special quality to their steel products becuase of this higher belief.

It's an argumnet that's hard to get across in America, the whole "Our ideas make us better as a company" thing. (It could also stand for the way in which they do business, etc.) There could be an environmental slant, as someone noted. But it think that's a byprocuct of imparting some sort of organic unindustrial bent on this brand image. Bottom line I really feel that spelling it out would really help. It doesn't have to be some fuck'n snappy tage line, but rather a guide to what the viewer should take away from this nice emotional expereince.


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after read the comments, now i understand the message..thank you
beautiful art!!!

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sorry for my terrible english..indonesian :)

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I really like reading the comments too. But if you have to read them to understand an advert, then the advert isn't working - at least not working very well...
That aside, I think these work on a branding level. Which doesn't mean that I can imagine that a steel mill needs to be branded. That is, more than by country of origin.

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Hats off to the illustrations. But concept???????????????

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Well, nice prospects! Steel freaks.

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yeah, thanks for replacing my earth with your cold, soulless steel. Planet killers.

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I like the imagery and I don't mind the line "Steel, as we see it". It is really a challenge - what do you see? What can you make? Of the three posted here - I think this one and the dolphin one are the strongest though. Having sat through some fairly uninspiring steel advertising I think this work has at least made a few of us think about the product.

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