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What with all the fake 3D elements... not really pretty.

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Yeah, with or without the 3d elements it feels like the same thing. I'd flip this over if ever I see this in print.

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Okay, at first glance I thought the gizmo over the guy in the centre was somehow *inside* the car, and I was trying to figure out exactly how that was supposed to work.

Confusing, with a somewhat lame message. *Every* car maker says this. Okay, and?

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the line is a little clunky. i still get the concept, but engineer and assembling (especially quality control) are both true tests to me. it's the same with concept and execution (especially the quality control here too).

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stupid ad. pity it's such a good car.

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Bummer of an execution because I think the ad could work, it just doesn't here. The elements floating over the heads doesn't do it for me and I just wonder, "Is that a Mr. Fusion?"

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