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August 2012


Print advertisement created by Y&R, Israel for Toshiba, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Less body-less fun

Advertising Agency: Y&R, Israel
Executive Creative Director: Benni Bronski
Creative Director: Dror Nachumi
Art Directors: Meital Miller, Tom Zakai
Copywriter: Itay Pizanti
Photographer: Menachem Reiss
Executive Client Director: Daniel Meirovich
Account Supervisor: Adi Netzer
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mmm no.

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Milan Solanki's picture

somebody explain plz

Milan Solanki
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Copywriter at Spotlight Communication
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I think they're making the mistake of giving the audience an attenion span, thinking that people who look at their adverts spend as much time as their client thinks they do thinking them up:

"So we want to say 'More body, more fun', or however well that will translate for an AOTW submission."

"But that's what everyone says. Can't we make it a bit more fresh? And a little less likely we'll be hit by a copyright suit from absolutely every company with the same product?"

"Sure we can. How about we say 'EVEN MORE body EVEN more fun!!!??"

"Great idea!"

"No wait, we tried that just before we lost the Reebok account."

"Ah, 'Just do it better.' Hmm"

"What about we give the audience some credit - give them a 2-piece jigsaw, surely *that* won't insult their intelligence. STOP HITTING ME FOR A SECOND... look: instead of saying how *great* our product is, how illuminated and enhanced and joyously effervesced their life will be, let's show them what it might be like *without* us!!"

"Isn't that like selling a pacemaker with a gravestone?"

"Shut up 'Just do it better'-boy. Scamp up the ads, tell the client it's fresh, sexy and a bold new approach to the market."

"Yes boss. Do you still want that long rope and those paracetemol?"

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yea i dint get it too... -_-

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NO NO and NO!!

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i really dont have the time to try figure this out

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lingarajasivanaiah's picture

2D is flat .if there is no air in subject ,its 2d and flat so. Less body Less fun.
in our Toshiba 3D.there is air (3 Dimension) so its not flat. it has more body.
More body More fun.
- Ad Cub

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Lingaraja Sivanaiah

Milan Solanki's picture

you cant expect people to follow your whims

Milan Solanki
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