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seems like the US are the only country that's still torturing nowadays.
lopsided anti-american attitude in these ads.

btw, why do they change the logo within the campaign?
good cause, bad fake ads.

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I don't think so. US gets bad PR for it, but tons of countries practice torture unfortunately.

Regarding the logo, looks like a mistake to me, but it may have been intentional.

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i meant according to this campaign, it seems that the US are the only country that's still torturing nowadays.

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unfortunately the us are not the only ones. thing is, that they're the only ones who claim to be moral leaders and start wars in order to spread democracy.
kind of like the campaign anyway. maybe the illustration should look even more like these in middle ages.

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i am getting sooooo sick of seeing ads with brown paper/old paper background. come on art directors, work a little!

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I really like these for pointing out the idea very strongly. The font face of the line is a bit disturbing, though.

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coming from germany, these lack credibility. not only because of their past. but their present.


if they're willing to torture their own soldiers, who knows what they'd do to the enemy.

ps... these ads are bad and fake.

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Dear simon and peter, please do some for my country...the beautiful indonesia they said...

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end of joy, enjoy

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I don't understand the U.S. slant in these ads. AI is against torture in all forms, all over the world. They aren't out to tagret one particular country. The message isn't staying true to AI at all.

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