Tonight's Party

March 2007
 Tonight's Party
 Tonight's Party




I'm wearing my favorite black shirt for tonight's party, Honey, I'll wear the red if you say so.
Are the men in India really masters of their domain? Or tuned to something else? Find out with Grey Global Group what goes behind the making of the so-called men of substance.

Advertising Agency: Grey Worldwide, New Delhi, India
Creative Directors: Sandipan Bhattacharyya, Manoj Deb
Art Director: Manoj Deb
Copywriter: Sandipan Bhattacharyya
Ilustrator: Suresh Kumar
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nice layout thou

Ney Frances
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is there life before death?

nareshgooglegupta's picture

Puppet Kings is research study on Men above 40, who are rich, successful and arrived in life. it has been conducted by Grey Cells,the strategic consulting wing of Grey Global Group. Anyone interested in knowing the highlights of the study or wanting to buy it can write to
Puppet Kings has recieved tremendous press coverage, generated tremendous excitement in the industry and is now the definitive word in marketing to 40+ men

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WTF? Naresh, do you buy space on the page before or after this ad to put the above explanation copy into? Because it kind of needs it. In fact, shouldn't the first few sentences have been the actual copy? Just a thought...

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drain bamaged's picture

the art is gud.period.

drain bamaged
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Skor's picture

Sorry but I totally don't get this one...

and this tremendous press coverage, tremendous excitement in the industry and it being the definitive
word in marketing... I've never heard of this thing.. and I live in India...

Is it a Delhi-only initiative?

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