November 2006


Brand/product advertised: Forum Crisalide - The Italian/Swiss association engaged in fighting the problem of Bulimia and Anorexia.

Advert title: Fashion claims another victim
Advertising Agency: JWT, Milano, Italy
Creative Director: Pietro Maestri
Art director: Fabio Anzani
Copywriter: Alex Brunori
Typographer: Fabio Anzani
Photographer: Joan Garrigosa / Studio Garrigosa
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satan's picture

Lovely, isnt it?

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Client Servicing
Capitalist's picture

Incredible art-direction, the idea is...okay, i was drawn to the body-copy...
maybe i expected too much from this campaign, or maybe the message is a vague.
Dove is currently running a "inner-beauty" world wide campaign - their message
is louder and clearer. I thought that in general terms...a fashion victim is
someone with no fashion sense or whatsoever but then...I might be wrong.

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Copywriter |

No idea's too bad...

PeteHH's picture

Nice idea, absolutely amazing art-direction!

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Desi's picture

Great art direction, but i will not read the copy tho :)

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popdistortion's picture

Great art but a bit far off from what they want to say, or?

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squirrely's picture

With copy that clunky, you really can't visually treat it that clunky as well. But then again the sentence I just wrote was pretty clunky. I digress.

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White Space's picture

coming from the point of view of someone who's actualy delt with these conditions, I think these ads are nonesense. The art directoin is nice, but I don't see how it's going to help anyone. The hat one is gross.

White Space
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Art Director
2workitt's picture

Like the art, don't like the idea. Agree with White Space, gross...

This is not aimed at you Space... Sorry to bring this up, but have to...
I don't follow trends, not dragged into the senseless statements of being part of the "look at me crowd".
What pisses me off is that of recent events. Headlines all over the world, a model starves herself to death. She makes more money in a day then most Africans will make in a lifetime... a African child dies almost every minute from starvation... The model did it to herself no-one else to blame except herself.

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Creative Director
Bianconiglio's picture

Only a beautifull art. But... where is the souce?

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awassabee's picture

so is this for aneroxia ad?

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Ach's picture

why fish ?

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