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Tiring. Unabashedly annoying. Irritating. And ultimately, sucking.

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Aren't guest comments always so constructive. This site should be re-named bitches of the world.

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Poopy collage executions with stock photography doesn't make me want to go to Wyoming. Wyoming is rugged. A lot of the Westerns were filmed there. This isn't Clint Eastwood. This is Hannah Montana.

"Our factories make cosmetics. We sell hope." -M.Factor

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Agree, creative 180. This is Spahn Movie Ranch, versus Wyoming.

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I really like this Art Direction. There's been some love put into it.

The ad wouldn't excite a Cannes jury but it would excite a father with kids with holidays coming up.

Nice work.

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nice art.

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can you feel the wackness

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I confess, I'm a pervert. The first and only word that ends in ing that came to my mind is totally inappropriate.

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Oh come on. Good art, good copy. Please say what is wrong with the ad dont just bitch guys.

fala fulani
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It's just boring, that what's wrong. Ads are fighting for consumers time and attention. And the competition is strong: articles in the magzine ad is put in, funny film on youtube, your job, your wife, your life. And last but not least: other ads. So this one is loosing this fight. There's no emotion in it. Nothing to laugh at, nor smile. Nothing to think about. Nothing to remember. Frankly, it's not badly written or directed. But idea is simply non-existing here. I'm sorry.

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this layout is so american. nothing happens in copy or art direction.

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Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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Is "so american" a bad thing? Isn't this ad going to be placed in, um, america?

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Like the look, really wish the headline was treated better instead just keyed in.

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Every other "ing"? There are a couple of ings I can think of that they probably wouldn't allow me to do there? Hehe

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Skinny-dipping! But honestly, I REALLY dislike the copy...

The others were fine... and the art direction is really awesome and all... but...

Seems to me as if he was just finishing this up for finishing sake and just to complete his ad campaign... half assed work, this is...

As my lecturer used to put it, "Give me half assed work and Imma gonna leave you with half an ass when I'm through with you..."

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Looks like istockphoto exploded and these are the pieces.

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whew! You guys are nasty bitches! I've been to Yellowstone a few times and this is Yellowstone. Good job CCT.

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