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How very... John Bunyan. The little brain character doesnt feel right somehow, but I do like the intricacy of the illustration itself.


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impressive at first sight.
but as it seems to be intended to have a look at all the details, they should have been done a bit better.
but not bad

john doe
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Wonderful illustration! Made me take some time with the ad, just to look at all the details and situations. Very effective.

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Nice attention to detail. Particularly like Sloth.

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Favorited it. Makes me want to watch the programme. Heading to iTunes MS, failing that the pirate bay. ;)

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Very nice. Thought they could have done it a la Bosch.


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I think, therefore... yeah.

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Awesome illustration. Faved.

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I network for men I suppose. Why only boobs? :)


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Totally Kool, makes you want to take more than just a glance and actually admire the art work & message.

Blair Semenoff
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Less original wen you have seen the old South African afrikaner poster "De breed an de smalle weg" matt 7,13,14......same illustration composition and idea. Still i like this ad and inspirations come always from somewhere.

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Lust looks awesome. I'm well down for that!

Sweet illo's

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I like the Hieronymus Bosch allusions - but I`m not quite sure I get it...
Half of the points because I´m half willing to believe I`m just too damn dumb.

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