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August 2008
The Ruskin School of Acting:  Red carpet


Print advertisement created by Hoopafied, United States for The Ruskin School of Acting, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: Hoopafied, USA
Creative Directors: Justin Hooper
Art Director: Justin Hooper
Copywriter: Chris DeNinno
Photographer: Stock
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Guest commenter's picture

these are terrible.....

Guest commenter
izmild's picture

NO! Is school acting for red carpet???

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Associate creative director |


LessTalkMoreMock's picture

Of this campaign, this would be my favorite but the velvet ropes seem weird.

Activity Score 104
Copywriter at Advertising/Design |

Critical Intent Adblog

whitewhite's picture

if am not wrong i have seen the same pic in google images, the ropes and the carpet. But he idea is not bad at all

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Guest commenter's picture

one of the terrible execution in adsoftheworld :(

Guest commenter
brandsurgeon's picture

The artwork may not be that good, but i see an idea here which i think i like.

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Copywriter |

Most times, worst enemies used to be best friends...

jimkuz's picture

Nice series. This ones my fave.

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Graphic Designer at Freelance
STRTLRS's picture

I want the shiny-floor-reflection-thing to go away forever and never come back. Shiny-floor-reflection-thing, please join bevels, outer glows and curly silhouettes in hell.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

CJR785's picture

lol ^

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Graphic Designer / Art Director
winokur's picture

I think this campaign (three images) had a lot of potential as a clean read, a clear sell and just enough humor. That said the reliance on stock imagery and tons of retouching hurt the campaign. Just the difference of shooting original images with the same storyboards would have resulted in a better execution. I agree with the comment about having the Oscar engraved and maybe a more stylish cap. Don't you all tell your students - execution is as important as concept.

Activity Score 47
Photographer at Winokur Photography |

Michael Winokur

NomadDCLXVI's picture

This is very over-promising! And that's all!

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Creative Director |


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