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November 2008
The Lasik Surgery Clinic:  Sharpener
The Lasik Surgery Clinic Print Ad -  Sharpener


Print advertisement created by DM9 JaymeSyfu, Philippines for The Lasik Surgery Clinic, within the category: Professional Services.


Sharpening your sense of sight.

Advertising Agency: DM9JaymeSyfu, Manila, The Philippines
Chief Creative Officer: Merlee Jayme
Executive Creative Director: Eugene Demata
Creative Director: Jerry Hizon
Art Directors: Herbert Hernandez, Allan Montayre
Photographer: Paolo Gripo / DMV
Copywriter: Ej Galang
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SeanMartin's picture

Trying a bit too hard to be cute. Nice, clean photographic style, but the core concept is a bit too cloying.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

artdirectoredwardbutstudiovisualizer's picture

The new big time scammer on the block.

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Graphic Designer at Saatchi
Guest commenter's picture

doesn't make sense.

Guest commenter
Javier Ramírez's picture

Es lo que creo que es? Un sacapuntas para los ojos?
Díganme que no.

Javier Ramírez
Activity Score 1237
Creative Director at Nexus BBDO |

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

dshott's picture

Right, so you wouldn't mind getting laser eye surgery but, apart from the cost your a little concerned with the idea of someone cuttihng your eye open with a laser. I know what will help, imagine putting your eye into a sharpner and turning a handle to make a blade usually used for sharpening stationary cut your eye open.

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Kinneir Dufort - Industrial Designer |


Guest commenter's picture

This ad is fails because it needed someone to explain the whole thing.

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

Guess it depends on your point of view. I look at it and see the symbol for sight on the side of a pencil sharpener, and (to me, anyway) it's obvious: we sharpen your sight. Not that complicated.

Guest commenter
artdirectoredwardbutstudiovisualizer's picture

Fail. You don't need someone to explain your concept lengthily,

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Graphic Designer at Saatchi
Guest commenter's picture

Not unless youre too stupid to get the idea..

Guest commenter
Guest commenter's picture

not unless youre too stupid to get the simple idea..

Guest commenter
teenie's picture

People, please-please! Don't reference blades/sharp things/cutting/etc. etc. in lasik surgery ads. There's an ad here that says--in big bold letters: "Lasik without the blade!". And you know what I always think of? A big blade slicing through my eye!

So please, no cutting-my-eye references. ICK!

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artdirectoredwardbutstudiovisualizer's picture

F O R C E D.

S T U D E N T W O R K S C A M.

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Graphic Designer at Saatchi
kulago's picture

is not worth adding hole, and it doesn't understand that this represent as the eyesight. too force idea sorry

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associate creative
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