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bad!!! Is this an actual ad.. this is [edited by admin for foul language]! I'm sorry Ivan take this [edited by admin for foul language] down!

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It communicates the message, shows the place and products and does it all within a concept. It's not bad at all. Maybe you're not the target.

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I don't necessarily agree with the language used, but the opinion expressed on this ad is mine as well.
it looks terribly fake. maybe it's just the terrible job the models did, or it's the whole concept (I agree there is one present here, there's a message clearly visible, but still...).
but something about it makes me want to vomit.
and I am an active runner, ice hockey player, hiker, ex inline skater, sort-of-climber, occasional biker. so I'd consider myself enough of a target group (although geographically and culturally far away)

*the best skate/snow/surfing videos and pictures.
*updated daily!

andrej dwin
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Thanks for the constructive feedback!

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So what is it tring to comunicate here? Is it that you will get sick in the store and faint? Or is it that you will have too meny chooses that you will never be able to make all the way through? either one of this is a bad sign. I might not be target market but I do not know who is. The concept is there but I am not seeing any execution that will bring the concept to life.

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I have to agree with "Guest". The concept is there but the execution sucks.

Be our Guest, B...
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it's the same ad three times. and none of them were good to begin with.

that said, don't give ivan a hard time. this site is free. he can do with it whatever he likes. besides, i enjoy the bad ads as much as the good. they're more fun to comment on.

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Great line to work to.
Very little work done.

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>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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"The largest sports chain store in South America." + sweat guy is more than enough.

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Killing Ads
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The expression on da model's face is awesomely fake. It's so fake...dat I dnt even hav words to describe it. Maybe he shud try his hand at porn films. Yes...Im sure he wud make it there. One of da dumbest ads Iv seen in a wile.

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a store so big you get tired of going through it? POOR!
very very very 1st idea!

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"the art director says: whatever I say"

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better ideas would be the people using the products before they buy it... so at the check out line you have the guy with his old wore down shoes in his hands that he had to replace with the new ones from walking so much, or them biking to the check out line or something like that...

Or maybe just close-ups of a shoe with a hole in it or blisters in the foot or etc...

The problem is always not having the right expressions on people's faces, it kills an idea, no matter how good it is...

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The message is good, every retail store would want that message, but the art direction is really bad, bad picture and model.

Maybe they need to rethink, not the idea but the way to express it.

andré ™
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good work

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IF the tagline is "Better go prepared", then have someone at the front door, looking down aisles and aisles of product with ten gallons of water bottles strapped to his back, and two extra pairs of shoes. OR have a map showing which aisles to visit on what day of the week - crap I could sketch out 10 more that are better. These are terrible, and have no punch. This guy looks like he fainted for no reason. Awful.

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muito fraco

Rodrigo Lunardon
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I hate this ad. I don't know, but is he thinking about anything? about life, about be woman ou man?


Jet Lee Paullong
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