Hibiscus punch

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June 2008
The Home Depot:  Hibiscus punch


Print advertisement created by The Vidal Partnership, United States for The Home Depot, within the category: House, Garden.


New Origenes. Hispanic inspired colors from Behr Paint.

Advertising Agency: The Vidal Partnership, New York, USA
Creative Directors: Mauricio Galvan, Marcelino Sellas
Art Directors: Aaron Alamo, David Galvan
Copywriters: Martin de la Fuente, Santiago Uribe
Photographer: Mauricio Alejo
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CGilb09's picture

"Hispanic inspired colors"? I didn't realize that ethnicities had their own colors. Are there white people inspired colors too?

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Northlich/ University of Cincinnati |

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ivan's picture

"White" is too diverse. It includes French, Brits, Nordic, etc. These cultures are very different. It's not as homogeneous as Hispanic, which all relates back to Spain.

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Creative Director at Ads of the World
alcdance's picture

technically spain is european too

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bauer's picture

color is extremely related to culture. ocidentals use black on funerals, africans use green. countries have flags. even the weather and the light is different and changes color perception around the world.
so, I believe that ethnicities have their own colors.

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yalaurie's picture

I am with you CGilb09. I love these "hispanic inspired colors" and I am a little white girl. This is actually interesting that Behr and Home Depot is going that route. I am not against the ads, but it has this separate but equal quality.

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BostonBob's picture

That issue doesn't bother me much. Obviously, they're targeting Hispanics and running the ads in Hispanic media. Plus, colors/flavors such as hibiscus and mango are far more common in the Hispanic culture.

That said, my pale-white-boy bedroom is painted in masa yellow.

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LehmanMillet |


dulz's picture

i saw something similar in Guatemala

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Neil Levy's picture

, the issue i have with this is that it seems like every ad for paint i see lately involves a color swatch that shows how the paint was inspired from something in nature/the larger world. i wish the insight was something more. but the execution looks tasteful so maybe it's just me.

Neil Levy
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Copywriter |

neil levy

miko1aj's picture

No. I'm totally with You.

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brain123's picture

Despite the inspiration. Is there a paint brand that doesn't claim to have every damn color available??
I don't know, I think color has become a commodity when it comes to paint advertising.

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ivan's picture

Yes, but you can glorify certain colors to give them more meaning than just an number.

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brain123's picture

Agreed, but every paint brand has done that too...

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mochi123's picture

But, that isnt a correct visual insight.

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