Charles de Gaulle

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October 2010
The Habitat Club:  Charles de Gaulle


Print advertisement created by Out of The Box, India for The Habitat Club, within the category: Recreation, Leisure.


In 1960, writer and philosopher Jean Paul Sartre exhorted the troops in the French Foreign Legion fighting in Algeria to desert, openly flouting French political authority. President Charles de Gaulle was urged by his advisers to summarily place Sartre under arrest and charge him with treason.
De Gaulle responded emphatically, "One does not arrest Voltaire!"
Powerful people aren't afraid of rules. They break them if necessary, and let others do it, too. At The Habitat Club, you are welcome to disregard rules and conventions. You may, for instance, start your day with an evening cocktail or wear bermudas to the card room. After all, you are somebody who makes, and breaks, rules.
The Habitat Club
Create a great tale of power.

Advertising Agency: Out of the Box, India
Executive Creative Director: Viral Pandya
Copy: Viral Pandya, Sabu Paul, Guneet Pandya
Art: Viral Pandya, Sabu Paul, Guneet Pandya
Illustration: Sameer Kulavoor / Bombay Duck Designs
Digital / Typography: Ajay Yadav, Sunil Singh
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Sorry but the colors of the flag are not OK.
Red and blue colors must be changed.

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the ad looks great... better color combination can make it visually more appealing!


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great art!!

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