Plagiarism, 2

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May 2011
The College of Everything:  Plagiarism, 2


Print advertisement created by /Slang everything, Spain for The College of Everything, within the category: Education.


Plagiarism is not a sin. The school of creativity for non-creative people.

Advertising Agency: /Slang everything, Madrid, Spain
Creative Director: Javier Furones
Art Director: Javier Furones
Copywriters: Inma Jimenez, Tom Evans, Javier Furones
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shahidali's picture

Bad effort. You gave the twist but didn't justify it.
I like the name though, 'College of everything'.

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Dhaka, Bangladesh |


Brunsworks's picture

Agreed. And without the justification, the "twist" is just a patent anathema. Plagiarism is a terrible act that has cost people their livelihoods. Now remixing, homages, parodies--all creative efforts which rely on a prior work and a great deal of creativity to transform it, are not bad, but this ad does not make it clear if that is what they are talking about.

In fact, what IS the College of Everything? A place to learn to plagiarize?

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Everything's picture

it´s no necesary justify everything in advertisign! anyway, the campaign is selling a new creative thinking methd _Adtrenhunting® That´s the reason ther´s no more reasons to explain the campaign!

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Creative Director at Slang Everything
HTG¡'s picture

This campaign doesn't to explaining anything. It needs to apologize for being. I wouldn't even place this in the bottom of a bird cage.

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Art Director at my head
Bob.C's picture

Going for anti-creativity I could see Plagiarism is not a sin being used as part of a series under one linked concept eg with "Creativity is a false God", "Do not worship the Ogilvy", "Thou shalt copy", ... on its own it's just weak.

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Copywriter at Convince Ltd |

= =

Ceballos's picture

College of everything, college of nothing.

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2 eyeballs's picture

plagiarism is not a concept any place of education should want to be associated with.

2 eyeballs
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Marketing Manager at University
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