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September 2008
Teratos:  Kick
Teratos Print Ad -  Kick

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Print advertisement created by Grey, Ecuador for Teratos, within the category: Pharmaceutical.

Advertising Agency: Maruri Grey Ecuador
Creative Directors: Fernando Franco
Art Director: Fernando Franco
Copywriter: Jorge Cruz
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LimitedTimeOffer's picture

"It eliminates the cough of your son"? Is it standard practice to use Google translator instead of hiring a bilingual ad agency these days?

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Advertising Agency
dico's picture

its reaaaally bad!

Activity Score 332
Establecimiento Las Marias - Graphic designer |

ito's picture

The correct translation is this: "Eliminate your children's cough"

Activity Score 6
Creative Director
floydeepurple's picture

and what about the cough of your daughter?

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blue_pencil's picture

It eliminates your _son's_ cough and relieves the cough and phlegm expelled from _your_ lungs. So who is the one with the cold anyway? You or your son? Is it a pediatric medicine or not? What if your son is 40+... does it still eliminate his cough? (and relieve your cough and phlegm while at it).

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SeanMartin's picture

Jesus, people, stop bitching about the translation! It's not even meant for an English-speaking market. If you're so concerned about the message, ask for the original ad and translate the thing yourself. Otherwise, your comments mean nothing.

mark3r's picture

I agree.. This works for the Latin market. It's just not that good anyways. =)

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Art Director at Scout
BrownSugar's picture

guys it sucks no matter what market. it's another pretty ad. and yes if you're posting something in english you should make sure it makes sense. If you can't speak english just post it in spanish, this site IS called ads of the WORLD after all.

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graphic Designer |

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