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February 2013
Telkom:  Kids


Print advertisement created by Grey, Indonesia for Telkom, within the category: Electronics, Technology.


Watch your home everywhere you go.

Advertising Agency: Grey, Indonesia
Executive Creative Director: Randy Rinaldi
Creative Director: Dodi Triaviandi
Art Directors: Berry Dawanas, Ogi Prayoga
Copywriter: Galih Prayoga
Agency Producer: Iman Soesanto
3D Artist: Magicpixel
Digital Imaging Artist: Magicpixel
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morse's picture

Looks nice, but very familiar.

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Art Director |

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Picky1's picture

It reminds me that good campaign for a tv channel named... well, I forgot the name, but it was a channel aimed to children and I perfectly remember the concept : "As imaginative as children". Each ad was illustrating the way kids were imagining the world. Here, their excuse is born out of their... imagination. Same idea at the end (less direct and simple than the original one).

Nice illustration though.

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Picky1's picture

I've found it. The name was Tiji. Here it the link :

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Picky1's picture

By the way, they also made a commercial called "The balloon", silver lion at Cannes in 2010 (or was it 2009 ?).

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tyloe's picture

nice art, but i think there are too many things going on. You have a fire house , a couple, a guy hiding a smart in his back and all the things that happening in the house.

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hmaffia's picture

The idea is good, but I took a little while to get it.

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Copywriter at Universidade de Brasila |

Kerninglife's picture

I love the direction of the ad but it doesn't communicate effectively. You can't clearly see the pan on fire or that the girl is pointing to the mouse. If these aspects were done is a better way it could be a more effective ad. Maybe like it was said before, maybe it is a little too busy and needs to be toned down a notch.

Other than that it is a great ad.

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Graphic Designer
kleenex's picture

I like them all.

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mmackinven's picture

These are excellent :) love the art direction, the story is easy to see and the proof (screenshot of what happened) is nicely added.

Well done.

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Nike Diesel's picture

way too busy

Nike Diesel
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Art Director
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