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southpark was right. canadians are the root of all evil ;))

cali coo
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free lunch, final wisdom, total coverage.

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The makers of this ad have clearly never met a vegetarian before. I'd never want to eat there!

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Sets my teeth on edge and only a steak will sooth these aching chompers!

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Bobby Defect
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I think it's quite a nice ad and visual...

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Nice photography, but painful to look at.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
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zero appealing, completely appalling

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could be worst: imagine that model with gnawed nails...

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I think that everybody here are missing the most important: the idea reveals the fact that we are naturally prepared to eat flesh. From my point of view, this is a problem for the client.

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maybe if it was created precisely for a meat restaurant it could work a little better... i mean, the woman preparing her teeths to eat MEAT!! actually i thought that was the idea until I read the client's name.

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