The trash shorts

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June 2021
TBS: The trash shorts
TBS: The trash shorts
TBS: The trash shorts
TBS Print Ad - The trash shorts
TBS Print Ad - The trash shorts
TBS Print Ad - The trash shorts


To help fight against coastal pollution, iconic sportswear brand TBS designed swim shorts out of recycled plastic bottles. And what better way to speak about it than by recycling its print ad campaign released 24 years ago? Bottles, plastic bags, bottle caps, cigarette butts and all kinds of rubbish, floating sadly at the surface of the water and scattered across our beaches.

24 years ago, TBS revealed the terrible impact of coastal pollution. Sadly, 24 years later, nothing has changed: our beaches and seashores are still littered with all kinds of trash, if not more
so. Determined to save them, TBS and its ad agency Brand Station have launched a one-of-a-kind rescue operation: collect the trash on our beaches and transform it into swim shorts.

100% eco-friendly swim shorts, made out of plastic bottles, to fight against coastal pollution – with style – and help give their beauty and cleanliness back to the Mediterranean beaches.

Print advertisement created by FCB, France for TBS, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Brand Station Paris, Paris, France
Ceo: Elisabeth Billiemaz
Creative Directors: Damien Guiol, Samy Benama
Art Director: Charlotte Sindic
Copywriter: Djavid Karmaly
Sales Manager: Léa Bellaïche-Benhamou
Strategic Planning: Louis Dupont
Managing Director: Julien Bianchi
Marketing & Communication: Anne-Laure Le Calve
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