High rise

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October 2009
Taryn Rose:  High rise


Print advertisement created by The Brand Union, United States for Taryn Rose, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: The Brand Union, New York, USA
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great art-direction

jai hind
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jai hind
art director

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Graphic Designer at Coldwell Banker Indonesia
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Great art!

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I like the design. Of the shoes as well.

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Graphic Designer
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Superb !! work !!

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Live with Passion

Guest's picture

Great stuff. However I'd have loved a pink feel of the ad.

Roshan Quintus's picture

love it

Roshan Quintus
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Saatchi & Saatchi - Sri Lanka |

bite me

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very nice and fun

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good work

Guest's picture

nice line!!!

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great work!

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Creative Director at Grey Global, India |

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

bknowlden's picture

They don't look like high rises, they look like smoke stacks. Not really impressed by the band wagon this morning...

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silvi's picture

I don´t like layout.

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great work
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Sr. Art Director, Maa Bozell, Bangalore
Guest's picture

High heels aren't comfortable at all.

Guest's picture

i like the art, but, is it the sensation of high heels what persuades women to buy the product????

Guest's picture

this ad makes you giving these monsters one more try...

Guest's picture

makes you feel like giving it a try after all...

ruSh.Me's picture

LOL.. I love it... :)

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You've taken something boring and made it interesting which is never easy to do.

Well done.

Nice work.

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