Kama Sutra, 2

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May 2012
Suvvia:  Kama Sutra, 2


Print advertisement created by Full Jazz, Brazil for Suvvia, within the category: Pharmaceutical.


Prolong your pleasure. Against erectile dysfunction.

Advertising Agency: Full Jazz Propaganda, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Bartholomeu Cruz, Luiz Lobo, Márcio Flávio
Art Director: Beto Baraldi
Copywriters: Fábio Leite, Nilton Pires
Illustrator: Beto Baraldi
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Phil Lestino's picture

How very undignified....old people don't do that do they? Eeeeuuwwww!

Phil Lestino
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kleenex's picture

oh yes they do..... the really naughty ones do.

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Web Designer/Developer
chicagohour's picture

The ad is for Brazil..why the hell Indian characters have been used because of KS connection..

Activity Score 394
Copywriter |


Ryan Breat's picture

Kama Sutra is an Indian text. So he used Indian characters. Do you agree? well ... I liked the idea and art

Ryan Breat
Activity Score 112
Graphic Designer
karmacoin's picture

Is this question for real? dude...

Activity Score 686
the ulcer's picture

What a disaster!!!
How someone has balls to post something so ridiculous???

the ulcer
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jackcoooper's picture

KS elderly sex ! nice idea and good art

Activity Score 93
Graphic Designer
peterklaus's picture

Funny Ad, good art, works for me

Activity Score 108
Art Director
Emily Blawyn's picture

Wow! interesting art, nice idea

Emily Blawyn
Activity Score 114
Graphic Designer
Sophie Campbel's picture

wow, great art, I loved the old people naughty :D

Sophie Campbel
Activity Score 164
Ava Spears's picture

Love this art, so funny and detailed, good concept to

Ava Spears
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andylefty's picture

Sure why not.

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Graphic Designer at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design
DanielAndersonABS's picture

I heard about Kama Sutra from an indian friend. Maybe it’s really useful for people to learn a bit .hahaha.

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VeronicaFranco's picture

OMG her boobs! :O

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