Farmer's Market, Butts-n-bits

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May 2008
Surfrider Foundation:  Farmer's Market, Butts-n-bits


To put beach pollution into perspective, trash was collected from various beaches, packaged it to look like seafood and displayed it at local farmers' markets. This is the print extension for those who couldn't actually make it to the market.

Print advertisement created by Saatchi & Saatchi, United States for Surfrider Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Los Angles, USA
ECD: Harvey Marco
CD: Felipe Bascope
ACD / Copywriter: Raymond Hwang
Art Director: Juan Bobillo
Producer: Chris Halstead
Director of Integrated Production / Multimedia: Damian Stevens
Account Director: Paul Goncalves
Photographer: Matt Cobleigh
Art Producer: Angee Murray
Print Producer: Beth Noll
Project Manager: Shelby Yates
Retoucher: Rocket Studios
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A.G. Pennypacker's picture

(moments after I left my first comments)...
Damn-it!! I knew when I saw the first one they would make 50 executions. It's a nice idea but it's the same damn one. There is no reason for more than three of these. It's not like this is a COMPLETELY original idea.

A.G. Pennypacker
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I'm a full-time somebody at a world-wide agency and a wealthy American industrialist looking to open a silver mine in the mountains of Peru.
spacecadetglow's picture

these are just pictures of the packages made for the event. they didn't actually print this many times, just had a large pile of packages like this with trash that had been collected from the beaches.
in that sense, quantity is quite effective.

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Graphic Designer
klaussnow's picture

looooooooove this.

Activity Score 1635
Art Director |

... its already been done...

white widow's picture

done done done so many times

white widow
Activity Score 137
Art Director
step 1 step 2's picture

But done much better this time. Any problem with that?

step 1 step 2
Activity Score 38
white widow's picture

you should

white widow
Activity Score 137
Art Director
kurtberengeiger's picture

Some of these packages are really ok, but the "MyTube" film and ambient warning signs were not.

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stateoftheart's picture

Similar to these from Goodby, different way of doing the same idea, I like both.

Activity Score 181
alaska502's picture

dont like the art direction.
too easy.

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Art director
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