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February 2015
Surfrider Foundation:  Barcode scanner, 3


Print advertisement created by Y&R, France for Surfrider Foundation, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


You buy, the sea pays.
26 million tons of plastic packaging waste ends up in the oceans every year.
Let’s change the way we consume.

Advertising Agency: Young & Rubicam, Paris, France
Creative Director: Pierrette Diaz
Art Director: Guillaume Auboyneau
Copywriters: Ugo Fossa, Eric Lavenac
Art Buyer: Sylvie Reveillard
Photographer: Pierre Sattin
Production: Toolboxprod
Retouching: Loïc / Sparklink
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damnson's picture

Oh lord, this is horrific.

Activity Score 11517
Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

Ogilvi Himself's picture

I don't get it. So we should consume turtles instead?

Ogilvi Himself
Activity Score 477
Copywriter |

Молчать и слушать!

kleenex's picture

You have to read the copy...

This ad is all about the amount of plastic that winds up in the ocean.

Activity Score 58669
Web Designer/Developer
alisakalayda's picture

If I did not read the tiny print to the top right of this image I would not be sure of what exactly is going on. At first (before I enlarged the image) I thought that the turtle had gun to its head—which in a sense it does. Humans consume animals and it is an occurrence within our society that is part of the daily routine. I bet that some people would not even think twice about eating a turtle. So, sure, they would buy it (just as this add is suggesting) and then eat it. I, on the other hand, would never think of eating a turtle. Therefore, this add is somewhat effective. However, as I mentioned previously I would not know what the advertisement is advertising for/against until I read the very small script. I would suggest at least making the script/font larger, in a bolder text and abbreviating it. This is a great cause and I hope that this campaign gets lots of attention.

Activity Score 25


Ghost444's picture

The idea is there, execution is poor.

Activity Score 99
General Manager
delpiero2015's picture

why not do a bar code using animal skin texture instead?

Activity Score 4
damnson's picture

Oh lord, this is horrific.

Activity Score 11517
Copywriter |

An axe murderer of ads.

raw tuna's picture

I like it

raw tuna
Activity Score 837
General Manager
underscores's picture

another award this year for surfrider. Nicely shot.

Activity Score 335
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