Black Vase

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April 2011


Print advertisement created by DDB, Chile for SuperBonder, within the category: Office Equipment.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Santiago, Chile
Excecutive Creative Directors: Matias Lecaros, Simón Subercaseaux
Creative Director: Eddy Fernandez
Art Directors: Tomás Garín, Matías Lecaros
Copywriters: Felipe Ararya, Felipe Hernandez
Illustrators: Amazing, Leo Gallardo, Gonzalo Arevalo
Photographer: Amazing
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Davai's picture

Nice idea. The art direction could have been better.

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miko1aj's picture

what exactly could have been better in this art direction? I ask because your comment could have been better as well.

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Davai's picture

haha. Ok, this looks too much like a show house, or an empty museum. Capito ?

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pez's picture

I think art direction is good, looks like a decoration magazine photo. The only detail I can say something about is that they place the same Helmut Newton's book, in both photos...

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Creative Director
miko1aj's picture

yeah. capito, but do not agree. I think they tried to keep it as clean as possible. It's VERY sophisticated idea. Besides this, your comment touches more stylization area than art direction meaning the mood of the picture. But ok. I agree that some carpet would make this room more "dwelled".

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picopalqlea's picture

sorry but i dont get it.
so Bonder doesn't repair things now, it makes them turn into a slinky toy?

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NataliaLima's picture

The idea is that if your vase breaks, using superbonder will make it bounce right back to normal.
Don't be so literal here. Look up some other campaigns from SuperBonder so you know what I mean.

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Boxey's picture

Don't get it.

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Melaleuca In-House
Carlos Aledo's picture

Interestig the detail of Helmut Newton photography books :)

Carlos Aledo
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Frelancer photographer, illustrator and designer |

Glut's picture

excellent, although i will like to see another executions besides vases.

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Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
shawnbarrytoronto's picture

Don't get it.

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Creative Director
atb2005's picture

I had to google this product to understand the ad. Apparently SuperBonder is an adhesive that bonds metals, alloys, plastics, glass, ceramics and rubber - together or in combination (hence, the vase here is "bonding" with the floor). Nice ad, but a bit confusing unless you are already familiar with this product.

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Prof's picture

you gotta be kidding me...

you googled a superglue?

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Copywriter |

Quite really.

atb2005's picture

I am not the only one who didn't get it. It happens to you often too, right?

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kleenex's picture

I say the other image looks better.

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Web Designer/Developer
bakamono's picture

this is just bad, I get what they are going for but it is still bad. I like the vase, might be a product idea in there ;0

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because therefore it is

Sarah Riso's picture

It's very, very, very nice.

Sarah Riso
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theghoul's picture

Not good. Only works with vases.

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mangodebango's picture

Wow... 2 copywriters on this and no copy to be seen anywhere.

A few words may have helped clear up the confusion.

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Copywriter at Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD)