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November 2013
Sunlight:  Cow
Sunlight Print Ad -  Cow


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Thailand for Sunlight, within the category: House, Garden.


Separate them.

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Directors: Ricardo Turcios, Ruchi Sharma
Copywriters: EJ Galang, Sarah Ko, Gabriele Espaldon
Art Director: Katrina Encanto
Photographer: Surachai Puthikulangkura
Production Company: Illusion
Production Company Producer: Somsak Pairew
Agency Producers: Piyachat Cholasap, Nuch Lertviwatchai
Illustrators / Retouchers: Surachai Puthikulangkura / Supachai U-Rairat
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Yeo
Account Managers: Blair Wang, Yarita Witoelar
Global Creative Director: Basil Mina
Global Business Director: Richard Ellis
Global Account Director: Liann Al Chami
Computer Art: Naphaphorn Jaengsri
Chief Executive Officer: Jeremy Hine
Media: Josephine Lim
Chief Creative officer: Dominic Stallard
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Highest Rated

rmkida's picture

Clever! But the signture is too big.

Activity Score 369
Art Director |

See what I've done

faissalo's picture


Activity Score 728
Art Director |

Nice init

morse's picture

Cutest cow I've seen.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

rmkida's picture

Clever! But the signture is too big.

Activity Score 369
Art Director |

See what I've done

Bill Me Now's picture

I like the art, though i've never cared for ANY of the ads that portray food as their living animal counterparts. It always takes me a second to see "cow" and think "beef" or "pig" and think "pork". Additionally, I enjoy the faceless relationship I have with my food. I tend to view ads like these in a similar light as a guilt trip from PETA

Bill Me Now
Activity Score 180
Swerve's picture

I gotta agree with Bill Me Now: The cow looks very sad, and almost sickly... not working for me.

Activity Score 11
kleenex's picture

love it.

Activity Score 58777
Web Designer/Developer
Diana Báez Castelán's picture

Works for me.

Diana Báez Castelán
Activity Score 86
kalpesh78's picture

though done before, I love the art on this one.

Activity Score 2578
Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

elyoshiro's picture

Great work!

Activity Score 546
Creative Director at Dir. Creativo Digital |

ON's picture

Still love this campaign

Activity Score 134
Copywriter at Noah's Ark
R B's picture

all i can feel from this ad is, i feel sorry for the cow!

Activity Score 314
skuakrat's picture

No, no sweety. I'm not taking you away from the tray... Be happy,, awwww

Activity Score 58

I was thinking "Lkujhn hasf :OInblkisrt fvn ;OIuynbodf..." then *DING* Got it!!!!

italobarbiero's picture

Actually I don't get the main idea. And why the human eyes on the cow? Kinda creepy. If that's what they went after, they succeeded.

Activity Score 18
Graphic Designer
lizart66's picture

! agree -- creepy and sad. Doesn't work for me.

Activity Score 4


pen234's picture

really like it, but im really not too sure about tthe font.

Activity Score 79
ovelky's picture

Wait!—the cow isn't holding a clipboard? It took me a while to figure out it was a cooking pan. It's a really good concept, but it made me work to understand what the ad was trying to say and one thing I have learned over the years is that when you make a viewer (potential customer) work to figure out the message, the ad is a bust.

Activity Score 2
Retired Creative Director |

Agency Creative Director Since 1967. Old Macintosh Geezer.

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