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November 2013
Sunlight:  Cow
Sunlight Print Ad -  Cow


Print advertisement created by Lowe, Thailand for Sunlight, within the category: House, Garden.


Separate them.

Advertising Agency: Lowe, Bangkok, Thailand
Creative Directors: Ricardo Turcios, Ruchi Sharma
Copywriters: EJ Galang, Sarah Ko, Gabriele Espaldon
Art Director: Katrina Encanto
Photographer: Surachai Puthikulangkura
Production Company: Illusion
Production Company Producer: Somsak Pairew
Agency Producers: Piyachat Cholasap, Nuch Lertviwatchai
Illustrators / Retouchers: Surachai Puthikulangkura / Supachai U-Rairat
Chief Creative Officer: Eric Yeo
Account Managers: Blair Wang, Yarita Witoelar
Global Creative Director: Basil Mina
Global Business Director: Richard Ellis
Global Account Director: Liann Al Chami
Computer Art: Naphaphorn Jaengsri
Chief Executive Officer: Jeremy Hine
Media: Josephine Lim
Chief Creative officer: Dominic Stallard
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Highest Rated

rmkida's picture

Clever! But the signture is too big.

Activity Score 369
Art Director |

See what I've done

faissalo's picture


Activity Score 728
Art Director |

Nice init

morse's picture

Cutest cow I've seen.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

rmkida's picture

Clever! But the signture is too big.

Activity Score 369
Art Director |

See what I've done

Bill Me Now's picture

I like the art, though i've never cared for ANY of the ads that portray food as their living animal counterparts. It always takes me a second to see "cow" and think "beef" or "pig" and think "pork". Additionally, I enjoy the faceless relationship I have with my food. I tend to view ads like these in a similar light as a guilt trip from PETA

Bill Me Now
Activity Score 180
Swerve's picture

I gotta agree with Bill Me Now: The cow looks very sad, and almost sickly... not working for me.

Activity Score 11
kleenex's picture

love it.

Activity Score 58793
Web Designer/Developer
Diana Báez Castelán's picture

Works for me.

Diana Báez Castelán
Activity Score 86
kalpesh78's picture

though done before, I love the art on this one.

Activity Score 2578
Chief Creative Officer at Uniqish Brand Creche |

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

elyoshiro's picture

Great work!

Activity Score 546
Creative Director at Dir. Creativo Digital |

thedesignaddict's picture

I'm not surprised I've never seen this (3rd in the series). It's really different than the Sheep and Pig versions. The Sheep and Pig look indignant, this cow just looks sad. It makes me feel really bad about eating meat, which strangely never entered into my head with the first two.

I'd lose this one from the series. It drags the campaign down.

Activity Score 5403
Art Director at Freelance
ON's picture

Still love this campaign

Activity Score 134
Copywriter at Noah's Ark
R B's picture

all i can feel from this ad is, i feel sorry for the cow!

Activity Score 314
skuakrat's picture

No, no sweety. I'm not taking you away from the tray... Be happy,, awwww

Activity Score 58

I was thinking "Lkujhn hasf :OInblkisrt fvn ;OIuynbodf..." then *DING* Got it!!!!

italobarbiero's picture

Actually I don't get the main idea. And why the human eyes on the cow? Kinda creepy. If that's what they went after, they succeeded.

Activity Score 18
Graphic Designer
lizart66's picture

! agree -- creepy and sad. Doesn't work for me.

Activity Score 4


pen234's picture

really like it, but im really not too sure about tthe font.

Activity Score 79
ovelky's picture

Wait!—the cow isn't holding a clipboard? It took me a while to figure out it was a cooking pan. It's a really good concept, but it made me work to understand what the ad was trying to say and one thing I have learned over the years is that when you make a viewer (potential customer) work to figure out the message, the ad is a bust.

Activity Score 2
Retired Creative Director |

Agency Creative Director Since 1967. Old Macintosh Geezer.

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