Pommel Horse

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October 2008
Sun Media:  Pommel Horse
Sun Media Print Ad -  Pommel Horse



Size is nothing without precision. No other media tool combines circulation size and the precision of customized media options.

Advertising Agency: Marshall Fenn Communications
Creative Director: James Dunlop
Art Director / Copywriter: Steven Kim
Photographer: Philip Rostron
Copywriter: James Dunlop
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forced. boring.

Guest commenter
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Why is it forced?

Scam Detector
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I don't mind the copy, but I don't like the picture going with it too much. It doesn't show the heavy man is lacking precision does it? Or perhaps that's just my severe lack on knowledge in girl sports...


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Isn't that the point here? Big and NOT lacking precision.

Scam Detector
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Hardly a girl sport. Pommel horse is a guy's gymnastic sport. And it's part of the point that he *is* precise despite his size. I find these definitely eye-catching in a morbidly funny kind of way.


No, I am not a media buyer.

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Wrong size.

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Guest commenter
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utter f***in shit! bad art direction, doesnt even look like any efforts gone into it. the lightings all wrong on the man and horse to the background. Same ad as the skoda TV one. even that was shit! who's giving this dross 6 stars?

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is that your her nipple is showing mum?

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Interesante la idea, la dirección de arte no le hace justicia.


Javier Ramírez
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