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nice idea's! :D

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very nice illustration.

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Really great illustration work, bur as for the concept...People..haven't we see this concept like a million times?
I remember a campaign about a game " Stay home" " It is dangerous out there" people getting killed because they did not stay. and it was all illustrated too. I just cant remember the brand..anyone can help?
I will look it up and post here latter the name and pages of luerzers archive where you all can fin it.

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i'm with joker in that one.

i do love the illustrations and sure, the ads make me laugh, but maybe the problem is exactly that: they make me laugh, when you're trying to convince me to save some water.

the campaign is really nice, but i don't know if the concept is the right one. It may sound like a strong concept, but i'm not sure if it's the right one.

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It´s a german campaign for a movie chain. Cinemaxx.

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Joker, you SUCK, this campaign is great. please, be kind and go fººk your self. Thank you

Don´t mess with Jacket-Ero

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Don´t mess with Jacket-Ero

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esse tipo de comentário seu é típico dos publicitários egocêntricos que acham ser mais importantes que o lixeiro, mas que sabem que na verdade não são.
vivem se escondendo atrás de diplomas de premiações e fazem seu trabalho achando que são o último copo de água do deserto.
com certeza você está na ficha deste trabalho que, aliás, eu gosto, mas não acho nada para ser celebrado como "OH! porque não pensei nisso antes".
é trabalho bem feito, meus parabéns.
mas o seu comportamento infantil simplesmente comprova:
publicitário é a única profissão do mundo que poderia desaparecer sem que ninguém sentisse falta a não ser eles mesmos.
deixo você com uma pergunta: se não existissem premiações na propaganda, você seria publicitário?

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sold, estoy totalmente de acuerdo con vocé :)

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art direction, yes great.

But the concept itself is overdone and forced.

Hey lets show someone that got shot in the meatshop and put "go vegan"!

Its not funny, its not dramatic, has no impact, and most of all doesnt say me WHY i should save water. I should take a shorter shower because a construction guy is going to slam in a window that is on my bath wall (btw, since when we have windows in that wall)? I hate to play suit, but this is irrelevant.

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agree. i said the same in other words up there.

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Yes, nice illustration. Dont you think WWF has way better arguments protect the water? Arguments that humanity really need to know about?

Juan Pablo De Gamboa
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Nice but I has dreamt it and not done it yet didn't I?

bara bara baez
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Jackey-Ero..you are a Planner..go visit some planing site..leave the creative stuff to us...

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Woderful illustration.
Old concept and not a very pertinent message for a gym.

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Um, how does having a quicker bath save water? A quicker show yes, but once you've filled the bath you could sit in it for a week and not use any more water.

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how can a serious issue be funny and frivilous? does nothing to me.

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Idiotic metaphor...

Sumo men jumping with rope on upstairs. If you have a short bath you will not die!?!?

She is already having bath in a tube. It means, time that wasted in the bath tube will not change the quantity of water for filling the bath. 5 min. or 1 h? It should be aceptable if she would in a bath cabinet.


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nice illustrations ... weak concept ... it just doens't make any sense to me ...

easy tiger
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Yes...Cinemaxx..thank you DarkSide

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This concept is new. Concept is not just a line. It's also how you communicate it. They show it in a new way, so it's new.

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Lovely Illustrations

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Another Tim Burton‘s style campain.


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