Things That Aren’t In Subway

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September 2019
Subway: Things That Aren’t In Subway
Subway: Things That Aren’t In Subway
Subway Print Ad - Things That Aren’t In Subway
Subway Print Ad - Things That Aren’t In Subway


No matter how or where you can eat it can be bothersome annoying to take out stuff from your food. Subway ‘’ make your own sandwich ‘’ service that gives power to the consumer to choose their own sandwich in their way. So, we come up with the idea that reflects the reality of consumer who have to remove unwanted stuffing from his sandwich. Because when you say ‘’ I don’t want pickle in my burger’’ There is always a pickle in your burger. So, we decided to create ‘Things that aren’t in Subway.’’ series that combine consumer insight and Subway’s service. On posters, we want to show the reality of consumer and our solution to this situation.

Print advertisement created by McCann, Turkey for Subway, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: McCann, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Can Bilginer, Neslihan Soydaş
Creative Group Head: Tolga Suna
Copywriter: Tuğba Karaman
Art Director: Oktay Polat
Photographer: Sait Erol
Strategy Planner: Şevval Asena Çelik, Ertuğrul Sezer, Şevval Bektaşoğlu
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