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November 2008
SuanYai Medical clinic:  Spider


Print advertisement created by FCB, Thailand for SuanYai Medical clinic, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Powerful but not harmful.

Advertising Agency: DRAFTFCB, Thailand
Creative Directors: Kingrak Ingkawat, Chaiyasit Simasathien
Art Directors: Vilaporn Eiamsam-ang, Eknarin Suksa, Chanisorn Ampairatanapon
Copywriters: Krit Sarakosol, Tassanachai Jullapolpinit
Retouch: 62 Graphic & Retouch
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sneakyhands's picture

this has nothing to do with promoting condom usage. plus, the fangs that deliver the venom are still exposed.

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Favete's picture

Hahahhaha exactly this is so BAD!

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Consorcio Publicitario - Dir. Creativo |

Change it, change it now coz they will tomorrow.

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Bad. Disturbing. Why would you wanna go to a clinic that has snakes and tarantulas as posterboys.

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Oh I just find out it's about condom usage? Gosh, even more terrible.

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Elephantodontos!'s picture

BBRRRaaaaaaaaAAAVVOO! The worst press ad that I have ever seen in my entire life! (the second worst is the one with the 'snake'). Take me seriously, I'm over 40 yrs old!

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two head condom

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rui's picture

....I can feel some for this one. very good

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Very interesting. what is this guy want to tell us.

Dangerous because of poison but with condom It can't harmfull

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Ken's picture

i get what they want to tell us. very interesting.

Mg nT's picture

el área q se deberia enfatizar no sería el de los colmillos??
esa es la peligrosa.

Mg nT
sloppy4's picture

i ain't putting my weenie anywhere near that thing.

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Fb's picture

Stop it FCB

very old idea !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Condom ad is so ----------------------------------2008

your idea--------------------------------1972

Badddd idea bad retouch

jhjkk's picture

old idea

What new from you ?

This idea oh oh oh

R-he's picture

oh !

old idea Team

no more no more

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bew's picture

very nice

bommmmbe's picture

hmm get it

gerrade's picture

What product ?

com's picture

I like it.

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The line is very good .. but the key visual ...mmmmmmm .. doesn't support the concept ... the spider still harmful ( the problem is with the fangs ) if you dont know that! ;) + you can do much better with the photo em-posting and retouch (Art direction overall) " i would accept such quality from a student .. not a pro ,, you can i am sure :D

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STRTLRS's picture

Again, they eat tarantula in Thailand, "harmful" takes a whole new meaning.

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storytellers. |

I think, therefore... yeah.

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I think this is bad.

Really bad.

I'm not worried about being eaten by a spider, I'm really worried about being bitten by one, and those fangs are coming right at me. It doesn't make me think about wearing a condom.

At all.

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sa-me's picture

get it.very nice

Stranger man's picture

Good !!!
Idea creative

Stranger man
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Bravoooooooooooooooooooooooo.very nice

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Would DRAFT FCB Thailand please stop uploading your bloody scam ads here. It's getting tedious. We know the award show deadlines are coming up. Next year aim to make your scam campaigns earlier so you don't rush it and pump out old stuff like this. You'll be doing yourself a favour.

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that visual of its mouth or whatever stitched makes me think of female circumcision... that's is just me though

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