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Even more than the previous one, this looks like a guy lying in the street -- but with the addition of the car, now it seems more a public service announcement about motor accidents.

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I agree it's sending a little bit of a mixed message. Streetwear and having him lying in the street is a little loose of a connection for me. Either way, beautifully executed and art directed - you'll probably see it in Archive next month.

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Nice perspective

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john doe
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Good grief. *Everything* has been done. That's no longer a surprise. And it's getting a little tiresome when the best people can do around here is go looking for copycats that we all know pre-exist.

*Of course* it's been done. The question is: does the current version of this idea work or not? If so, why? If not, why not?

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Nadav kander did this idea way better for levi's 551.

Jon-Paul Mountford
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really good idea but the mercedes is on the wrong place. its a walkway i think? is there anything about mercedes??


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don't be affraid of design.

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no getting idea ,help sum1.

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seen it. seen it. twice times at cannes and clio.

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