Butter, 3

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May 2009
Stihl:  Butter, 3


Print advertisement created by DDB, New Zealand for Stihl, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: DDB New Zealand
Executive Creative Director: Toby Talbot
Head of Art: Mike Davison
Art Director: Matthias May
Photographer: Chris Lewis
Copywriter: Steve Ogilvie
Butter sculptures: Tim Aspinall
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How can you say it´s a good concept without knowing it was butter?

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nice art, good concept, but I didn't know it was butter.

copywriter.txt's picture

Done before:
Shame on you, DDB. Even the same packshot!

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This is a toally different concept... of the ad you posted the link of.
this says: everything what is hard will feel as soft as butter when you use it. Old concept, when you ask me...
the one you posted says: the normal things you drill (metal, concrete,...) look like cheese when you drill them right. so the joke, that the drill comes from switzerland.

that are two different concepts. there is no shame...
think before you write.

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How can you say it´s a good concept without knowing it was butter?

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if i didn't read the ad title, i might not know too.
but i like it a lot.

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already done but with cheese.

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All's fine. Almost. Except... It doesn't look like butter (to me) until I read "butter" in the title. And (especially) this one looks like a sponge. So I think it was a mistake, an idea wasted, without the line referring to butter.

Audrius Kubrik
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Do we really think this is good? I'm not trying to be otherwise, but seriously. It's just a rather boring visual metaphor. Repeated three times.

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I really love the creative from New Zealand.


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Sorry, but it's not. These ideas only look similar. Intertool is saying that these drills are Swiss (and they can play with the concrete like it were cheese.) Stihl is saying, Cuts anything like the butter.

Audrius Kubrik
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It´s so simple and it hasnt been done before. It will win something.

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A butter award ?

john ler
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diet butter

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Just feels old.

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There are ways to make this look more like butter... put the little wax wrapper under it, etc. But as-is, it just doesn't look like butter at all.

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good point. but then maybe it looks just like butter. they however wish to show stone soft like butter. there are ideas that work in your head but not on paper. i got the feeling this is one of them

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It happened to me. I saw the ad and thought at first it was cheese because of the holes. Then I read the comments, then the title... I hope they put the title in the media where they post it, otherwise... FAIL!

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Nice art ?
I don't think so.
but the idea works. but not so good.

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I worked on the Stihl USA account for seven years. Getting creative like this by those guys would have been impossible. The US gets their hand smacked by Germany anytime they stray from the corporate standards, not to mention legal's input. " You can't use our equipment on butter. Do you want us to get sued?" I was told, "we are not Madonna, we are more like Barbara Streisand." Enough said. It seems that France and New Zealand never get any push back from Waiblingen. Nice concept, but at first I didn't know it was butter either. Looks like a brick spray painted yellow. At least DDB is getting something through with these guys.

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for the 1st i thought its a cheese... than after 1st comment it made me clear its a butter... agreed with a copywriter.txt ... again selling the old concept. same layout. but still its a gr8 idea

Emran Hayat
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