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June 2019
Steamboat Restaurant: Fresh Seafood
Steamboat Restaurant Print Ad - Fresh Seafood


Brief: How do we make Steamboat, the restaurant of choice for Sri Lankans looking for Asian cuisine in Colombo?

Idea: Sri Lanka being an island, seafood is an integral part of a Sri Lankan's diet. Naturally, there are several seafood restaurants vying for their palates with a variety of cuisines. However, not all food that is served is always fresh.

Steamboat Restaurant has always prided itself in serving fresh seafood, be it in Chinese, Japanese or Thai preparations.

So, to differentiate Steamboat's distinctively fresh offering from the other Asian restaurants, we decided to demonstrate the concept of freshness in a never-before-seen manner.

Print advertisement created by Ogilvy, Sri Lanka for Steamboat Restaurant, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Phoenix Ogilvy - Colombo, Sri Lanka
Chief Executive Creative Officer: Rajiv R. Menon
Art Director: Rogger Kenneth Schales
Copywriter: Rajiv R. Menon
Commercial Retoucher: The I / Roshan Mallawaarachchi
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