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okay. i'm officially freaked out now. someone, please, tell me why there are so many spring loaded parts... i don't own any computer gaming systems and i have no clue what i'm supposed to get from this ad other than be freaked out... help!

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Get a console to feel the magic ;)

not freedom like a shopping card

Radoslav Minchev
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Heh i like this one, tho it has a weak link to PS2 as far as i know, i think its trying to take off that famous cartoon expression, when the characters eyes pop out and jaw drops in amazement, i suppose they have exagurated this concept and applied it to PS2 suggesting the PS2 is 'Mind Blowing'....

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Ironite - great! thanks, i never made the connection, probably because it's so exaggerated. i still really like the artwork, and those implants were a nice touch. so much to look at in the ad.

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This is awesome. Everything that TBWA/Paris does has such rich photography and beautiful art direction. Love the implants : )

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Everything that TBWA/Paris does has such rich photography and beautiful art direction.
That´s true, yeas...

but no concept. Everything that TBWA/Paris does has weak concept

Juan Carlos Jav...
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yeah the implants are a nice touch.. ha

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love the art direction :)

yohanes sumera
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I love the dog's eyes focused on the bone popping out of her arm. :)

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Hilarious! Great photo and art direction.

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psp makes nipples pop

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PS2 makes my willy pop out.

Oh wait, it's the internet porn that does that. The PS2 makes me feel sleepy.

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Doin' it for the points

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this one is bad compare to other PS ads.

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PS Naked game?

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