Resurrect, 3

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May 2008
Spa:  Resurrect, 3


Print advertisement created by Grey, Bangladesh for Spa, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Advertising Agency: Grey Advertising, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Chief Creative Officer: Gousul Alam Shaon
Art Director: Soumya Bardhan
Photographer: Jupiter Images
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Strike two stones with one bird

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I'm guessing Red Bull isn't too happy about this.

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Yes, Red Bull has claimed the use of wings. Very good point.

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True, but they don't have a copyright on it.

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If SPA would be a deodorant, I would say 'DONE'... I don't mind the use of wings however...

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it's like Gene Kelly in special ed. dance class.

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why wings and umbrella? one of them has to go.

Alistair C.
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So Redbull is not the only drink that gives you wings!!!

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Nope. Crack also has similar, if very brief, effects.


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Doin' it for the points

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i am not being racist or anything...but if it is an ad for bangladesh why is there a white a country where pop is like 99.9% brown

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i am from Bangladesh. The first question to my mind was the same question like you that why did they use a white guy in dis picture.
i guess it may be was built for any western country. becuase i havent dis ad in bangladesh. whatever, though have some question ...why the wings drinking a pure drinking water....nd there is no way to decipher any whole reason for beiing that much happy !...

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very elementary mistake to choose white guy, as well as lack execution also

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khob bhalo

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i agree with michelangelo.....i am from bangladesh. thee question is same that why did they use a white guy over here. the ad is not acculturated. i guess they made the ad for any eastern country. otherwise they made a mistake here.moreover, another question is why the umbrella ....nd why da WINGS ??????... there is no way to decipher any whole view of the state

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guys i hope u know what the word resurrect means!

Water >refreshment>revive>relive = resurrect... ....thus the jump, enacting a resurrection!
Water>symbol of purity>thus wings made of out water, which is the cause here!

Ads are supposed to be give you fresh meanings! Not every ad is supposed to reveal all its info in one sec...


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i agree with you rahul but if the ad dosen't get the fresh meaning in a sec or few the targeted consumers may avoid to find the meaning of your creative presentation which has no meaning. how wud you answer using a goura in bangladeshi ad, why do you have to struggle to explain your copy? don't you agree to resurrect the head of your copywriter to have a easily understandable copy.I wud never allow this ad to publish in Bangladeshi context. Revive your own creative team to have a strategically correct and creative ad on display ;)

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I have no problem about the concept of wings but I didn't find the brand association between the product & the consumer. This type of people didn't drink spa‼‼‼‼‼Did u've done any market research before making this ad? If spa is exporting for outside of the country then i've no problem of the brand association of the ad[May be Red Bull find some problems] but it's T.G is Bangladeshi people then i'v lot of ??????????????????????

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resemble with Quaker Oats 2009 NYC outdoor execution, go human go... anyways gr8 men think alike

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Is this press Layout for Bangladeshi Market in fact?

Sohel Rana
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Sohel Rana

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