Underwater selfie, 3

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October 2014
Sony:  Underwater selfie, 3


Print advertisement created by Fitzgerald+CO, United States for Sony, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising Agency: Fitzco, Atlanta, USA
Creative Directors: Ryan Boblett, Brad Harvy
Art Director: Ryan Boblett
Copywriter: Matt Shoemake
Photographer: Bil Zelman
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This delectable ad has very vivid colors demanding a hard close look from any reader. There are apples spread across the page decorating the page with color, pizazz, and quirk. I like the contrast used in this campaign. The ads were timed to the tee. Released in time for Halloween, these ads are also portraying a very relevant topic to a specific audiences. The painted skeleton face is very trendy in pop culture right now especially with millennial's whom still partake in festive occasions celebrating the holiday tradition. With newly universal inverted cameras and the countless media to post them in, selfies have become an ongoing trend in popular culture as well. I think with those credentials alone, this advertisement for Sony Xperia, a new smartphone focusing, no pun intended, on ultra-clear capabilities for underwater picture taking is sure to make a splash. What Sony was aiming for was a hands down unique positioning in a world of high performing smartphones. They hit it clear out of the ball park with this interesting ad. All picture with a quick one liner on a reason to believe is very effective. I like how even though the claims made by the ad are to be taken serious, the bubbles exploding out of the clowns mouth are playful and again speak to the intended audience.

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