March 2008
Sony:  Retry
Sony Print Ad -  Retry


Print advertisement created by Sir J.J. Institute of Applied Art, India for Sony, within the category: Gaming.

Advertising School: Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Pavel Roy
Photographer: Kaustubh Kamat
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Mr.Top's picture

Oh JESUS CHRIST... this is so bad.

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hmmm... student work. a little off brand. might work better if you make it an ad for a specific game like doom.

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Salet's picture

Off brand? Really?
You're off brand.

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vote4pedro's picture

ah, the wit of 10 year olds. charming.

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nice gaijin's picture

quite a stretch to pull this out of the forum.

nice gaijin
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If this was done by TBWA everyone would love it. I thibk "retry" is a little lame, but I personally think it's right on brand with mush of the work PS3 has done.

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Mr Hughes's picture

You are so wrong Brandon.

Neither of these ads suggest that you'll be so absorbed in your game that you won't notice a suicide bomber blast people to pieces.

This ad is wrong, wrong, wrong.

Mr Hughes
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bknowlden's picture

It doesn't say suicide bomber, it says he's playing a game that ripped him to pieces. And why the suicide bomber reference? Is it because the ad is coming out of India?

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Art Director |


Mr Hughes's picture

It's what it looks like.

Mr Hughes
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vote4pedro's picture

that's what i thought at first glance too. until you notice it's the same face.

i think it would help if they were of an older person, in their 30's or so. would also help if the setting and photography were more refined. might help to add additional people too. maybe if it were in an airport where it makes sense that he'd be sitting around waiting. and everyone else around him is oblivious to the body parts.

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FlyingDogs's picture

I disagree. This is what I get: The guy played once and got blown up into pieces, so he's sitting there and giving it another shot.

I think it's a great concept that falls short on execution.

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Guest's picture

Only to a person who doesn't know much about gaming.

I barely play console games at all, and the implication of "retry" is immediately evident to me.

That said, the idea does seem a little forced. The photography and retouching have a lot to do with it though. I agree with a previous comment that the setting could be different. The idea needs a little context to reinforce the idea that this guy is obsesses with the game, playing it over and over again.

The idea is a good place to start, but needs to have been worked further.

Mr Hughes's picture

OMG. Disgusting and very, very bad taste.

Mr Hughes
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adstrike's picture

OMG this is bad... playstation is schizophrenia, paranoia, bizarreness... playstation communication is how the player feels but without being so literal... out of brand.

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vidya.shankaran's picture

Terrible Ad.... Totally lost .. what is the ad trying to say???

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eddietanhk's picture

this ads sure band on Asia... too bad!!!

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What I read from this ad is that you have multiple lives in the game. You can die as many times as you want in the game, even blow your arms, and head!
What's so wrong with it?

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Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

bknowlden's picture

I'm with you, I think it's great.

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vidya.shankaran's picture

Gee! Now i guess it makes sense..!... but execution could use some improvement....

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Guest's picture

i agree with ya

Charlie Pratt's picture

This ad is targeted towards gamers. Gamers are used to "dying" thousands upon thousands of times. In the wrong context, this is in poor taste. In the right context, this ad would work.

Charlie Pratt
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ryzhkov's picture

The gaming is about gameplay, not about opportunity to try again of you died.

And, even if that opportunity were important, it's typical for gaming in general, not for portable gaming.

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idt's picture

cut the guy some slack, he's a student.

he has the right idea, but perhaps the execution is what fails. PS has always had this surrealistic finish - this one looks too realistic for comfort.

It could have been a mountain of bodies of the same person with the same clothes. It's not necessary to have them torn apart.

I think a line like 'live more' or 'live again' would have worked better. 'RETRY' can actually work against PSP. It's like "bad product, try again."

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Torpedo Ideas
wahwah's picture

Student work...come on people...i bet you wankers can't even come up with this

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JamurPutih's picture

all the award scammers are wankers!

good student work anyway!

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Art Director |

end of joy, enjoy

porkchop's picture

yeah i agree! its awful.

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tanmay's picture

It's a simple idea which has been executed decently by a student. I find it hard to believe that so many people aren't getting it.

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Mr Hughes's picture

we are getting it. It's just very bad taste. Get it?

Mr Hughes
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lizcopywrite's picture

What I get, Mr. Hughes, is that you are an idiot who can't see past his own small minded prejudices and inability to relate to a younger audience. Suicide bomber? Really? That comment disgusts me, not the ad.

This ad speaks to gamers, which you obviously are not. They're numb to the gore of this image, all they see is the subject's determination to get to the next level. I'm not saying this ad is amazing but the idea and strategy are right. Cut him some slack.

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Copywriter at 22 Squared
Garg0yle's picture

It's bad work because PS2 successfully conveys the 'graphic content' of some of its 'fantasy' games by using surrealistic imagery... which works without being gross. Here realistic imagery is being used to convey the surreal... and hence ends up just looking gross. Showing bits and pieces of flesh and gore scattered around will sure get attention, but it is a cheap 'shock tactic' to get attention, and creates the wrong aura around the brand.

Like Luke Sul said in his book "Hey Whipple, squeeze this" can get the attention of people sitting in a room by spitting on the table... very effectively, but that doesn't make it good advertising! That's easy. The real challenge is to capture attention without being gross. By being clever or unique or interesting.

That's why this is bad work. Back to the drawing board.

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IBD, Mumbai |


adcook's picture

BAD IDEA BADLY DONE. Surely the teachers at this 'Ad school' need to act responsibly and direct their students work. There's no excuse for bad work - not even from a student or a so called 'ad school'.

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whitespace's picture

I'm among the rare few that likes this then.

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Creative Director
Have Heart's picture

I don't know what's wrong with this ad. It's a fresh twist and I understood it instantly with the line "retry". Great ad and outstanding for a student work!

Have Heart
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Art Director
SandMan69's picture

Almost there. Needs a better setting. As it is, it looks like he's killed a bunch of people an then sat down to play his PSP till the cops baton him around the inner colon with their meat truncheons.

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Doin' it for the points

chintan ruparel's picture

im with the above 4 comments...

chintan ruparel
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Copywriter |

~ old habits die hard, older ones never do ~

Wordnerd's picture

This ia a really good idea. But i guess the casting is crap - it took me too long to get thats the same guy. for me, this needs somone less average looking.

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HowardRoark's picture

I actually love the ad. Im sure my teenager nephews would looove it. Gross. Shocking...irreverent....just how they like them. I think this is one of the FEW ads I've seen here that at least try to talk to the target audience...not only to the creative's ego. Yes IT IS is also a joke right? you might find it of bad taste....we should ask the teens that play those "kill or be killed" kind of games what do they think about it. Reading the majority of comments makes me feel like Im in a meeting room sitting in front of a mediocre-scared-shitless-of-losing-his-job brand manager...hahaha. Personally I don't like the ad. I just think teenagers (at least in My country) would love it. Because they KNOW how does it feel to die again and again trying and re-trying.

snolet's picture

Possibly I could like the idea, if the art was just a little bit acceptable. It is so badly done, that the idea is ruined. Even a student work must fit quality standards...

Je pourrais probablement aimer l'idée, si la direction artistique était tout au moins acceptable. Le montage est tellement mal fait, que ça ruine l'idée. Même un travail d'étudiant devrait respecter certains standards de qualité...

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Art Director at Propage
Mr Hughes's picture

That's the wonderful thing about advertising - it's so polarising. On one side you got those who know what they are talking about and on the other there are all the people who don't.

Mr Hughes
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Typeknerd's picture

Get off your high horses people. I'll agree with the handful in here that say this is a good idea, poor execution. I will also agree with those that have said it is fine if left alone. To the demographic, I think it's perfect. Maybe "Live Again" or some line along that train of thought is not such a bad idea. This is student work, give it a break. In school you are supposed to be pushing the envelope, in this case, while tasteless to some, it gets the job done. Before ripping this student and the 'ad school' from which it came, look at your old work or your current work and check your bitterness at the door.

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Graphic Designer
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360 grados
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Hiten86's picture

A spank for everyone who thinks this ad isnt good, i'm not saying its great! but its does put the message forward. .
yeah looking at it from the eyes of a 30 year old creative wouldnt give me the same answers from within, but being a gamer (and creative) myself, it hits the nail right on spot!
Tell me, How many 15-20 year old gamers would look at it and say 'gross'?
It plainly fuels the desire to play or own or whatever!

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Symbiosis Institute of Design |

Devil is in the details,
Lets keep it simple!

anshulscreation's picture

Pavel, its a really nice ad, and the idea is great 2.
and dude ur college really rocks.
well i wanted 2 know that how was ur ad selected 2 be posted in archive section????

have a look at this 2

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Art Director at OgilvyOne
pavel roy's picture

"well i wanted 2 know that how was ur ad selected 2 be posted in archive section????" i didnt get this line??...can u explain me??

pavel roy
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commercial art student/ sir jj institute of applied art
gmint7's picture


good ad bad taste

RETRY is a bad line.. there is no selling strat. not the right one at least...

especially when selling that gamer sucks at game and keep dying... so that you can play again and repeat..

execution is fine..

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SandMan69's picture

I beg to differ. A solid idea can stand out no matter the level of execution. The problem with this one is the idea. It doesn't relate to portable gaming as much as just gaming in general. That should have been pointed out by whoever was in charge/supervising.

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Art Director |

Doin' it for the points

bottleHeD's picture

I have no idea why people are panning this so badly. It's student work, and perhaps he couldn't afford to hire a photographer or a studio to get the perfect light or visuals.

As for the idea, i caught on immediately. Perhaps Mr Hughes is deeply prejudiced that he immediately equates dark skin to a terrorist of suicide bomber.

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Art Director at OgilvyOne
Guest commenter's picture

this is vey cool. I study advertising too and i understand the message 'retry' it's like saying he has died so many times in the game but is still able to go on playing because of the retry... Very nice idea. Mr hughes so look at it subjectively.. in terms of gore i am very weak at heart.. i HATE gore.. but i like the idea of the ad.. very nicely done :) kudos!

Guest commenter
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