Fearless Optimism, 3

March 2018
Sonnet: Fearless Optimism, 3


Sonnet is an optimistic insurance company. It's young, it's fresh, and it wants to start a different conversation with their clients –one that's not based on their fears, but rather on helping them fulfill their dreams. That's why we created a print campaign that encourages people to keep dreaming like they did when they were kids.

As a kid, you would go on the most thrilling adventures without worrying about it. Even if a dragon sets on fire your castle, or a martian crashes your rocket, you don’t need to fear the consequences because Sonnet has your back.

Print advertisement created by Miami Ad School, Spain for Sonnet, within the category: Finance.


When I was a kid
I wanted to have a Boat.
With a Parrot at the helm.
And the parrot would Sail Away.
And we'd cross Shark-Infested
waters to our Desert Island!

Don't Fear The Consequences, Keep Being a Dreamer.

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