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March 2019
Softweave Towels: World Water Day
Softweave Towels Print Ad - World Water Day


It seems ironic that World Water Day should fall right after Holi, but we decided to take this opportunity by blending the two. An ancient Hindu festival celebrated predominantly across India and some parts of Asia, Holi celebrates new beginnings: with the spring season blossoming during this time, around March-April. Also known as the 'Festival of Colours', 'Festival of Spring' and 'Festival of Love', it's a time when people play with vibrant colors with a free-for-all-celebration, bathing them in the same colorful splash. While originally celebrated with people smearing each other with color, it eventually started to include water. Perhaps with a significance of 'washing away sins of the past', colored water began coming into the picture largely, leading to a lot of wastage.

True to the product we were promoting, super absorbency and bright colors came together and made it all the more easy to conserve water. And there are so many simple ways to save water - ways we could add to our daily routine and help the environment in manifold forms.

Taking this into consideration, we created this simple, minimal and highly effective creative that spells out the chemical formula of water in a different manner and emphasizes how saving water is actually easier than reading it.

Print advertisement created by Pixel Fox Studios, India for Softweave Towels, within the category: House, Garden.



Advertising Agency: Pixel Fox Studios, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Amit Damani, Krutika Vernekar
Art Director: Kamakshi Shirodkar, Mrunesh Kochrekar
Copywriter: Anupama Ahir
Account Executive: Achaiah KP
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