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August 2017
Smythe: Flags, Japan


Toronto designers Smythe are now shipping worldwide. Working with creative agency Open, Smythe reimagined and shot intricate and abstract versions of flags of their key markets - US, UK, United Arab Emirates, Germany and Japan, made entirely of classic Smythe jackets and clothing. Combining Smythe’s most iconic pieces to make these iconic symbols felt like the perfect way to announce the news.

Print advertisement created by Open Creative Company, Canada for Smythe, within the category: Fashion.


Now shipping to Japan and worldwide.

Advertising Agency: OPEN Creative Company, Toronto, Canada
Partner / Creative: Martin Beauvais
Partner / Strategy: Christian Mathieu
Art Director: Tyler McKissick
Copywriter: Samara Luck
Director of Client Service: Anne Ngo
Photographer: Justin Poulsen
Stylist: Wilson Wong
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