The 3 R's

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September 2009
SmartFM:  The 3 R's


Print advertisement created by Mercury 360, Romania for SmartFM, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: Mercury 360, Bucharest, Romania
Art Director: Tiberiu-Cristian Papa
Copywriters: Miguel Goncalves
Illustrator: Tiberiu-Cristian Papa
Creative Director: Miguel Goncalves
Special Advertising Agencys: Liviu Turcanu, Creative Group Director
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Great art direction but I think it is a little bit complicated for a radio station.

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What's going to do Smart FM, for me? What's the difference between hearing music on my iPod and listening to it on the radio? Why am I going to listen to music on the Radio?
A twist were you say that you should stop listening to music with lousy lyrics, start using it as a music background, and letting this radio station pick the songs for you, would work better. Or maybe not. But, this as it is, feels really forced. Really.

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Think it for a while.
Then, in anytime, it will come to your mind as an idea.

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What this print ad tells me is that this radio station plays music that has some significant meaning––music I'd listen to, rather than hear––evident in its lyrics.

Essentially, what SmartFM is doing here is no different than a shoe store showcasing its products at the store front in a fancy way. They are advertising the virtues
of Jack Johnson's lyrics, an artist they obviously play, through eye-catching art direction.

I don't believe that this is "forced" at all. It isn't ground-breaking, of course, but it does deliver the message effectively (I made it through the whole
copy, so that's a plus). The art direction isn't absolutely original and unique, as we have definitely been exposed to this illustrative style before, but it
is eye-catching and fitting for the idea as a whole.

As for the concept, it does feel a little like a really polished first idea ("Hmm... SmartFM... Smart Music... How can we show this? Let's write down some 'smart' lyrics
and let's make it pretty") for a brand that seems to offer more creative possibilities, but the communication is simple and clear.

Good luck!

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I think this is a manifesto. Usually people listen to music without paying attention to the lyrics. There are a lot of radio station promoting music with no meaning, no sense ( a song is communication: sender/receiver; better the lyrics...better the song ). Maybe these ads try to give a more powerful meaning to contemporary music as a way to understand the world we are living in... and more than that, do something about it. Listening is understanding.

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It's true, that is what we tried to do. ;)

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Very well thought up and executed even better. There was definitely an effort to look at the scope of the radio as a media and in that respect the copy has been very good. The artwork is remarkably vibrant making up what has turned out to be a very good series. For a dynamic media like the radio this was certainly a refreshing approach. Great work.

Dev Kumar
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“Imagination is the key to my lyrics. The rest is painted with a little science fiction.” Jimi Hendrix

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magician |


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Amazing art direction and illustration. I was really impressed.

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very nice copy...gud art direction...

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- Life Feeds on Life -

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awesome. daring and brilliant medium usage

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Bitchin' art direction, very nice concept and copy :) Bravo, guys!

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Good work

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the art direction is great,
the idea is sincere,
that's why this Art Work is going to be very appreciated.

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Very good illustration/art direction/ idea. very good work.

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