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October 2011
Skoda:  Stiletto heel
Skoda Print Ad -  Stiletto heel


Print advertisement created by Selmore, Netherlands for Skoda, within the category: Automotive.


Get in and out safely thanks to automatic ambient lighting.
Ambient lighting under the door and exterior rear-view mirror means you’ll never unexpectedly step into a muddy puddle in your best shoes. It’s only one of the exceptional extras that make this ŠKODA limousine so unique. Like the fuel-efficient engine and green A-label. So your Superb is also remarkably clean. And don’t be taken aback if people suddenly start watching you. An automobile with this level of luxury just naturally attracts attention. Particularly when it is available from prices starting at 24.990,- The ŠKODA Superb, the limousine from ŠKODA.

Advertising Agency: Selmore, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Jakko Achterberg, Niels Westra
Art Director: Tibor van Ginkel
Copywriter: Thomas Reinhold
Photographer: Tim Mintiens
Art Buyer: Anita Hammer
Account Supervisor: Otto van der Harst
Advertiser's Supervisor: Peter van der Graaf, Tom van Kuyk
Account Manager: Emilie van Dijk, Maarten Posthumus
Image Manipulation: Jefta Arts / Pineapple Imaging
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Highest Rated

jponino's picture

ad not get in instant, especially for cars means failure

Activity Score 601
Copywriter at ISCOM, copywriter and art director
vote4pedro's picture

Not seeing the point of him wearing women's shoes. As for the execution, something looks off. Like it wasn't even shot. Looks like a photoshop comp.

Activity Score 4599
morse's picture

I don't really understand the idea either.

Activity Score 18159
Art Director |

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

Penn's picture

Great work!

Activity Score 3
vote4pedro's picture

I always love when a new member appears to give 10 stars to a bad ad.

Activity Score 4599
jponino's picture

lmao :)

Activity Score 601
Copywriter at ISCOM, copywriter and art director
AliHamze's picture

What is it actually? is he wearing a women's shoe and he got embarrassed cuz the lights are showing that (which doesn't give a reason for him being wearing that red shoe) or is he hiding a lady under the steering and he got cought cuz of the lights?! (makes a bit of sense but so complicated and the shoe dimension doesn't work either..) Dunno what's happening.

Activity Score 27
Marketing Manager
Roger Keynes's picture

Skoda needs to push the envelope a bit. This is fun. Cutes design idea. After all good heels aren't cheap! ;)

Roger Keynes
Activity Score 5496
Copywriter |

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

Milan Solanki's picture

the copy doesn't elaborate the idea in the visual. if they have approved so big copy, why not spotlight the idea a bit..
: (

Milan Solanki
Activity Score 994
Copywriter at Purple Phase Communications
Glut's picture


Activity Score 3935
Public Relations at Glut. Ideas Boutique.
atb2005's picture

I think this is bloody fantastic. The brief was create a print ad highlighting this feature called automatic ambient lighting. This is fun. It definitely made me smile. They could have come up with something totally boring. At the same, I am aware that a lot of straight men would balk at this. This is an ad that would appeal to women, gay men, and straight men with a sense of humor.

Activity Score 13547
jponino's picture

ad not get in instant, especially for cars means failure

Activity Score 601
Copywriter at ISCOM, copywriter and art director
Alias's picture

All car ads look the same, this one stands out and is funny.

Activity Score 80
jujocd's picture

something is missing!!

Activity Score 759
pneuburg's picture

The man in the car doesn't want to be noticed, ergo the ambient light, just enough light to see where you step. Door closes, light off . . . whew, nobody saw him. He could be a cross dresser or ?????

Activity Score 251
Creative Director |


ardystic's picture

i think it would have been better if the light was shining on something else like dog poop, gum, or a muddy puddle. something that you wouldn't want to step in. the man wearing heels doesn't do it for me, it's almost random.

Activity Score 6
JakeDaynes's picture

I believe they were going for the idea that with the lights, even he feels dainty.

Activity Score 58
Marketing Manager at Diamond Delivery
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