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February 2010
Skoda:  Owl


Print advertisement created by Leagas Delaney, Czechia for Skoda, within the category: Automotive.


It’s not nature who should adapt. Skoda Auto. Disposing of old cars and car parts property.

Advertising Agency: Leagas Delaney Prague, Czech Republic
Creative Director: Tereza Sverakova
Art Director: Pauline Kerleroux
Copywriters: Tereza Sverakova, Igor Paleta
Photographer: Goran Tacevski
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ek kanya's picture

superb art. dont have the time to thnk what the concept was...

ek kanya
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ek kanya's picture

love the idea. glad skoda is doing this kind of stuff. wish more comapnies actually FELT this kid of stuff. way to go, guys at Leagas!

ek kanya
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am an advertising junkie | read my flog at http://www.desicreative.com/forum

hermotsura's picture

like the artwork, not sure if the message is strong enough: those chums look all too happy in all three executions...

in this particular one lighting is a bit off, it's basically coming from a bunch of directions: there's the "mysterious" shining through the trees (which they've pushed too far in my opinion), then there's the cheerful sunny sky (left) and then, yet again, the car (and especially the owl) is lit up from the front. make up your mind, will ye?

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xcreativity's picture

dont like the artwork, and the concept to be honest is basic

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Alexandre Brito
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CrackerJackFlash's picture

totally disagree.

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whatthefudge's picture

CrackerJack is completely right. The art is outstanding.

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kagzmainah's picture

its brilliant!

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alexander_bickov's picture

Lovely photography work

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Matador's picture

very nicely done

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ABcreatives's picture

Brilliant execution. Concept doesn't seem to be strong enough though!

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brandingworthspreading's picture

Brilliant execution. Great way to advertise the fact that they are disposing from old cars in a proper way.

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Dzsoi's picture

I guess it is not 'paroperly' or 'property' but 'properly'.

I am so fcking in love with the idea as well as with the art. This is an original, very strong message with the perfect line. 10/10.

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jazzlgp's picture

muy buen arte, muy buena foto... el efecto de la luz, buenísimo

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Jazz G.

dreamer_'s picture

Impecable direccin de arte.

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