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Nice art diretion in all pieces.

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Spanky's picture

the lines are a little flat. looks nice. but this look has been done before.

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itch's picture

nice graphics. But repeated ones in each two ads? perhaps they could explore more..

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* it's not how good you are. it's how good you want it to be *

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Nice art, but the lines are not exactly great.

Have Heart
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Have Heart's picture

Nice art, but the lines are not exactly great.

Have Heart
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The lines are definitely flat. The idea's in there, but it's not shining through. Rewrite and rewrite until it's tight!

Personally, white bread at a BBQ is a sure sign of a bad BBQ, but that's just me...

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The art is awesome, but i've seen billions of ads like this. This actually doesn't mean that i cannot admire typography :)

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including the logo font, they used 7 (!) different fonts in this ad. why?
the look is ok but this font mess spoils it for me.

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Jet Propulsion Lab's picture

That's his "thing". Over art direction.
The burning/tearing of edges. Layer upon layer of effects. Mixed fonts. Doesn't matter who the client is. That's his THING. He's a rather fresh talent in the business. But he's been "honing" his art direction since he was in college in Texas. Basically a "one-trick" pony. But he IS very good at what he does. And sometimes it works. Other times it fails. But he's still too young to know the difference. He's just having too much fun "doing ads"... And I say good for him.

Jet Propulsion Lab
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sloppy4's picture

this line is an old joke. bad mullen. the others are better. i like the handwich line.

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Vicky's picture

is it just me, or theres too much retro-art direction nowadays?

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copycomoelcopi's picture

bad copy, baaaaaad copy…

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again silver´s work is better than Jims.

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gibshellenberger's picture

this ad looks just like every other cliched southern piece. welcome to texas, yeehaw. dunk the ad in gasoline, light it on fire, stomp it out with muddy boots, then spit on it.

well lookie here y'all, we've got a texas ad!

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