Her Skills Wipes Her Tears

July 2018
Skill India: Her Skills Wipes Her Tears


The campaign was a part of college assignment. It is a series of posters on Skill India covering an important section of the society i.e. Widows. As we know that many families are such, in which, a man earns for the family and the women play the role of a housewife and take care of the household stuff. If the husband dies, then the women is left with herself and her family to take care of. In this poster it is shown that a widow can wipe away all her worries to earn her living for herself and her family by encouraging her skills and using those skill as a profession to earn her living. The headline justifies the whole situation as "HER SKILLS WIPES HER TEARS". The series of poster shows different elements that depicts the widow like: broken bangles, white saree and removing of makeup, and through typography the skills are depicted, i.e. what a women can do even if she is uneducated. Skill India, Make India gives platform to such ladies. Skill India mainly aims at developing the skills of the people.​

Print advertisement created by College of Art, India for Skill India, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.


Her Skills Wipes Her Tears. Skill India, Make India

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