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November 2008
Sixt:  Woman, 4


Wachmeister is a police rank in Germany.

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Germany

Print advertisement created by Jung von Matt, Germany for Sixt, within the category: Professional Services.


Which one-way street, Herr Wachmeister?
BMW Cabrios from Sixt.

Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Peter Kirchhoff
Art Director: Vanessa Rabea Schrooten
Copywriter: Lisa Maria Hartwich
Graphic Designer: Felix Taubert
Photographer: Kristian Schuller
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SeanMartin's picture

Hmm. Well, with all that hair in their eyes, I'm not surprised they ask "which sidewalk?"

Not really that well-thought-out, which is a pity because the photography throughout is nicely done.


Here, let me save everyone the trouble of asking. "Do you even work in advertising?"

Guest commenter's picture

bad as fuck

Guest commenter
roman-schwienbacher.com's picture

i don't know of a convertablet that is messing up hair like this.
not very nice for the car industry.
but still a nice campaign

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3pS's picture


Guest commenter's picture

The opposite of great is bad! And this is bad...fuck hell! And why they took Kristian Schuller when Magnus Winter shot the same pics in the past...


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TrainRunner's picture

look at the run date...2007.

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Art Director
Guest commenter's picture

because they are badly done. these are nice!

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salamandos's picture

this is "real" advertising which you can find in german airports. apart from this i like
the humour and the photography. well done jvm/elbe.

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Art Director
Guest commenter's picture

this is "real" advertising...this is "real" advertising...dude pls don´t cry! go back to mama´s place
anyway the photography is pretty cool, but the idea is weak! typical german humor!!

Guest commenter
salamandos's picture

what is your point exactly?

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Art Director
Guest commenter's picture

Oh, You are so right. I had no point whatsoever, so I decided to write down some insults to cover
my lack of talent and knowledge concerning advertising. Sorry again, please call me "dumb fuck" from now on. Cheers.

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alvinpck's picture

Cars are aerodynamic nowadays. Are these for rent-a-bike?


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Art Director
BrettHeart's picture

very cool! Saw it last year. Congratulations "Jung von Matt"


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dthlb72's picture

These series are good to watch, misleading yet... it doesn't have any flaw for comments. Great Hair Art!

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Art Director, ADK Malaysia
Guest commenter's picture

it fulfills its aim: make people aware of the new convertibles from sixt.
good stuff!

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manugon's picture

I'm gonna have to go with a “meh“ on this one

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Guest commenter's picture

bad hair day? styling problem? hhmmm...

Guest commenter
picktokyo's picture

what the hell is sixt?

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Copywriter at JWT
salamandos's picture

look slightly below the logo

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