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November 2009
Sinc Digital:  Priest


Print advertisement created by Sinc Digital, Brazil for Sinc Digital, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.


75 million internet users in Brazil. Regardless gender, social condition or belief.

Advertising Agency: Sinc Digital, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fabio Maca
Art Director: Daniel Ottoni
Copywriter: Fabio Maca
Photographer: Valentino Fialdini
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he should have an iphone, not an ipod! very good self promotion for a web agency lol

silvi's picture

But what is the idea?

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Do advertising need an idea? A priest with a photoshopped ipod doesn't make a ad good?

Jakarta Jack's picture

Yes, it does. No, because nobody understands this ad. It leaves the viewer puzzled and makes them lose interest. The agency simply wasted the clients budget.

Jakarta Jack
dancamo's picture

Stop it!!!!! please

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salford university
everartz's picture

hard to figure is all i understand from this visual..

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| everartz |

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What did you understand. Could you please...

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M Munir Bhatti | |

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I think it means that priests like to hear music in their Ipods.

And that a large amount of people are internet users. And that the internet is not limited to some people.

And that the copy doesn't make sense with the image.

And that the image, let it alone, doesn't mean anything.

And, finally, that the copy came from some powerpoint presentation about internet users.

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because there are 75 million internet users in Brazil. Regardless gender, social condition or belief. so one would choose sinc ?

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sold's picture

you can have and use an ipod without internet... actually, you never use an ipod to access internet... you can put music on ipod without internet also... and become an internet user dont make you an ipod user and the opposite is also right. So, too much mistakes here, bad ad i think.

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