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interesting campaign


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boring claim. boring layout. so 90s. the great smart deserves better.

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Mismo concepto ya hecho por estudiantes en México para concurso de Smart.

Una idea s

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Siempre puede ser mejor.

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Boring. But nice & simple. One word for this campaign, GOOD

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Me parece Excelente! No sé si es fusil, pero si sé que es muy bueno.


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Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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The Smart Fortwo is an extraordinary product, an amazing concept. It's just sad that they want to sell it by stating "it fits in every space", so does a tricycle, so what?

What about focusing on being different, on feeling alive, creative, on being eco friendly, on the joie de vivre, on standing against the stablishment? so many things to make a creative concept on and wasting them... it's just sad...

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